Cosmetic dentistry

Is the look of your teeth stopping you from showcasing that beaming smile? Are you searching for that aesthetically pleasing look? Why not book yourself in for cosmetic treatment With Your Local Cosmetic Dentist?

Your Trusted Cosmetic Dentist

It is natural for the appearance of your teeth to change as you age. Thanks to advanced dental technology, Hills Dental Design will deliver a variety of cosmetic treatments for you to choose from to transform your look and restore that aesthetically pleasing appearance. Not only does cosmetic dentistry promote a flawless look, it also promotes better oral health. Dental work becomes more and more essential as time goes on and at Hills Dental Design, we are motivated in keeping your teeth shiny and healthy for the long-term.

We all understand the consequences of poor dental habits and poor oral hygiene. You experience a crack or a chipped tooth, severe decay or misalignment to name a few of the consequences. In turn, you could open doors to picking up bacteria and infections. Our experienced and helpful cosmetic dentists at Hills Dental Design are passionate in ensuring you look and feel attractive. It is our duty to ensure that we give you that missing link to a flawless looking appearance.

Checking teeth after dental check-up

Are you living in a crisis of confidence due to niggling dental issues that hides your attractive smile? Does it reduce your confidence and make you feel low? The wide variety of cosmetic dentistry treatments available won’t only transform your appearance, but also your life.

What Are The Benefits To Your Oral Health?

Whilst looking good with cosmetic dentistry treatment, there are some hidden benefits to your oral health that shouldn’t go unnoticed. The structure of teeth eventually degrades as we age but here are the variety of benefits you can gain from cosmetic dentistry treatment:

The Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments At Hills Dental Design

The following cosmetic dentistry solutions at Dental Clinic Pennant Hills are catered to deliver that aesthetically pleasing look.

The simplest form of white teeth. Teeth Whitening transforms those pearly whites naturally and keeps the cavities and bacteria away. The intrinsic colour applied helps remove the formation of extrinsic stains. Teeth Whitening is one of the more affordable forms of treatment and its results are long-lasting.

Veneers has delivered that Hollywood smile to many celebrities and idols in the past. You can join them. Veneers are thin-shaped shells that fit to the front surface of your teeth. It will hide those niggling cracks and chips in your teeth to make way for a straight, shiny smile.

Tooth Extraction is a procedure that involves a safe procedure of removing decayed or severely damaged teeth. Whilst this is never a choice of treatment for many, it is necessary if your tooth can no longer be repaired. This helps limit any chance of bacteria or infection forming, which may form if its damaged within its socket.

Dental Crowns as often known as an artificial restoration, or a dental cap to use for a variety of dental issues.  A crown helps strengthen your tooth with a large filling if a chunk of it is missing. Crowns are typically used to repair bridges, root canals and provide protection to a weak tooth. If you suffer from discoloration or badly shaped teeth, crowns are a worthwhile choice of treatment.

Cosmetic treatment isn’t just about whitening your teeth.

It also ensures your overall oral appearance is strong and healthy. Hills Dental Design will work with compassion and diligence to ensure that we deliver that aesthetic appearance that you’ve been missing.

Are you looking for transformation of your appearance? Are you looking for that attractive aesthetic look that could change your life forever? Hills Dental Design are ready to deliver unparalleled service you can rely on. Contact your local cosmetic dentist and choose from our variety of cosmetic dentistry treatments catered to improve your smile and your life.