5 Reasons Why Dental Veneers Are The Right Treatment Choice

Many celebrities and icons you see on the TV show that ‘Hollywood’ smile. This is not because their natural teeth stay white for generations. It is impossible to keep your pearly whites sparkling throughout life. Celebrities turn to one form of treatment for that Hollywood smile and that treatment is Dental Veneers. Veneers are typically formed with porcelain material which are thinly-shaped shells placed directly in front of the surface of your front teeth to create that attractive, shiny smile.

Porcelain veneers are a popular treatment choice, and there are many good reasons why. Here are five reasons we’ve picked out:

The Five Reasons

  • They Improve the Shape Of Your Teeth – The porcelain veneer shape is molded to fit on the front of your teeth. If you have visible chips or cracks, they will become invisible when veneers are fitted. You can choose any shape of veneer to suit your smile. What’s more, they are stain-resistant.
  • No Signs Of Discoloration, Cracks or Chips – Because veneers fit over your teeth, it will hide all stains that are visible on your natural teeth. Veneers do not change over time. They are stain-resistant and are prone to less damage. Simply brush and floss them as you would with your natural teeth and start smiling for years to come.
  • They Are Extremely Durable – Permanent veneers are fitted for long-term results. They last much longer than traditional composite fillings. Veneers typically last for 10-15 years. If you take care of them daily, there’s more of a chance that your veneers last longer.
  • They Are Easy to Maintain – Dental Veneers do not require high maintenance. As long as they are cared for just like your natural teeth, you’ll keep plaque and tartar at bay so that you can enjoy a healthy smile.

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  • Maintain Your Natural Tooth Structure – The enamel in your teeth helps keep them healthy and helps protect the inner layer of the teeth. However, if you regularly consume an acidic diet, the tooth enamel can become damaged in time with. However, when placing porcelain veneers, only a small amount of enamel is removed to make room for the veneers.

The Final Round-Up…

Porcelain veneers have proven successful for many people over the years because the appearance is so attractive, you’ll be able to smile with confidence. Once the veneers are fitted to mirror the style and color of your natural teeth, it’ll be difficult to distinguish the veneers from your natural teeth. If you have ever felt conscious about your smile, consider dental veneer treatment.

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