Food and Drink That Stain Teeth

Your favourite foods are damaging your teeth. We’re all prone to enjoying a tasty treat now and then, but regular moderation of the wrong foods does more damage to your teeth than you think. In particular, we’re talking about stubborn stains known as discolouration. As part of the key reasons how teeth become discoloured, one of the key reasons is what you eat and drink.

We all want bright, shiny smiles but aren’t necessarily ready to take steps to keep teeth white. It is time to consider reducing the consumption of your favourite foods if you want your teeth to shine when you smile.

If you’re now wondering which of your favourite food and drink cause stains to appear on your teeth, keep reading below to find out.

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Caffeine is important for many people and is normally part of a routine to kick start their day. Although, there is less consideration to the impact it has on how your teeth look. Coffee contains tannins, a colour compound that builds up on your tooth enamel. When you consume coffee, this can form dark stains on your teeth, darkening your shade which would require cosmetic treatment for the white to return.

Dark Fruits

Dark fruits such as blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and pomegranates have the potential to stick to your enamel, leading to stains on your teeth. These types of fruit contain chromogens, a substance that converts into a colour compound. Therefore, consuming dark fruit is likely to leave stains on your teeth.

Red Wine

If you’re a person who likes to consume a glass of wine after a long hard day, then ensure it is only consumed in moderation if you’re protective of your smile. Red wine also contains tannins but also contains colour pigments that stick to your enamel. Alongside this, red wine is acidic which can make your tooth enamel softer, making it easier for stains to appear on your teeth.


If you enjoy strong flavours from sauces in your meals, ensure the amount is small. The sauces you add in curries and dishes such as tomato sauce, soy sauce and Worcester sauce can stain teeth due to the high level of concentration of pigments. This can damage your enamel and expose the underlying dentin.


Sodas contain high levels of sugar that form an acid attack on your enamel. When the enamel is attacked, it becomes susceptible to contract stains easily. Sugar is responsible for that. Sodas such as Cola, even if they’re diet, contain natural sweeteners that are just as bad as normal sugar content.

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Our favourite foods contain ingredients that are not friendly to our teeth. You don’t need to avoid consuming the food and drink outlined above entirely but consuming in moderation is much more friendly for your teeth and keeps the light shade you’ve always wanted to show off your smile. Alongside this, adopting a strong positive oral hygiene, particularly with fluoride toothpaste, can keep enamel strong for whiter teeth. You can read more about how fluoride protects teeth to keep them white here.

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