Bad Breath Treatment in Pennant Hills

“I’ve Got Bad Breath… What’s The Right Treatment For Me?”

Bad breath can make your confidence hit rock bottom. Otherwise known as halitosis, this condition can be unpleasant – and often embarrassing – for the affected person.

Around 50% of the population have halitosis at some point during their life. Despite the fact it’s so common, it can be easy to feel alone if you’re battling bad breath.

If halitosis has impacted your confidence, Hills Dental Design in Pennant Hills can help. We have a wide variety of treatments for bad breath in Pennant Hills. Whatever the cause, we will get to the bottom of your problem and find the right treatment plan for you.

Causes of Bad Breath

Poor Dental Hygiene

Inadequate hygiene one of the leading causes of bad breath in Pennant Hills. If you don’t brush your teeth regularly, plaque and food will build up in your mouth. As this rots, it creates bacteria, which produces an odour.


If you smoke, you have a higher risk of developing halitosis. The reason is that particles from cigarettes can lodge in your lungs. Every time you exhale, these particles will be present in, causing unpleasant odours.

Nicotine in your cigarettes can also create a film-like layer over your teeth. This build-up can become a breeding ground for bacteria, also a leading cause of halitosis.

Dry Mouth

Dry mouth, or xerostomia, inhibits your body’s ability to produce saliva (spit). Saliva helps keep your mouth clean of bacteria. People suffering from dry mouth cannot remove particles from their mouths as easily, leading to halitosis.

Gum Disease & Mouth Infections

Gum disease and mouth infections result from a build-up of bacteria. The bacteria has an unpleasant smell that results in foul odours.

Tonsil Stones

Tonsil stones occur when debris in your mouth (usually food) mineralises and becomes stuck in your tonsils. Bad breath is one of the most prominent symptoms of tonsil stones.

Do I Need an Appointment for Bad Breath?

Halitosis can affect your confidence and interactions in workplaces, social functions, etc. You might avoid talking to people or standing too close to them. You might even obsessively chew gum throughout the day. But although this can mask the odour temporarily, it won’t tackle the underlying cause – and in the long-run, can potentially do more harm than good.

For a lasting solution, call the Hills Dental Design team. We’ll help you tackle bad breath in Pennant Hills.

The Hills Dental Design Treatment Process – What to Expect

Your First Appointment

If you’re struggling with bad breath in Pennant Hills, the first step is to book a check-up. At this appointment, you will undergo a dental exam to diagnose the cause of halitosis.

Your Second Appointment

Your follow-up appointment will depend on the treatment most suitable for you. Potential treatments include:

  • Identifying the root cause of the problem and advising the right home care for you
  • Professional cleaning to remove bacteria
  • Removal of rotten teeth and the fitting of dental bridges
  • Identifying the root cause of the problem and advising the right home care for you.

Your Third Appointment

The routine check-up will determine whether the condition has improved after treatment.

Keeping Your Breath Fresh

To keep your breath fresh, we recommend:

  • Clean your teeth twice a day
  • Drink lots of water
  • Eat a balanced diet
  • Use a mouthwash or tongue scraper to remove excess bacteria

Frequency Asked Questions About Bad Breath Treatment

If your diet is high in pungent foods, such as onions and garlic, it could contribute to halitosis. These foods enter your bloodstream, making them harder to disguise.

Most people have bad breath in the mornings. It occurs because they haven’t drunk anything for hours, resulting in the bacterial build-up. If you sleep with your mouth open, it can also cause dry mouth, which could make your morning breath worse.

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