Worn Down Teeth – Definition and Causes

Do you wake up every morning wondering how your teeth become worn out? There are many causes for your teeth to become like this. Notably, the main reason is likely to be because of a poor oral routine, or there are certain unavoidable conditions that cause your teeth to suffer from wear and tear.

Of course, wear-and-tear will eventually take its course over time as we age. Although, sometimes, it can happen when we least expect it, and it will require you to be more proactive and perform the required steps to reduce wear-and-tear of your teeth and save your smile. This may also include seeking cosmetic dentistry treatment.

There are three definitional causes of worn-down teeth. Below is explains them in detail.


Attrition is the process of teeth becoming in contact with chewing surfaces or the edges of your teeth. When the upper and lower roof of the teeth clench together, this can accelerate attrition. This is commonly caused by teeth grinding, causing the height of your teeth to decrease.



You’re likely to have heard of enamel erosion, which is the process of your enamel wearing away due to harmful bacteria and acid build-up combining together to attack your teeth. This is also the case for your teeth, where the excessive intake of acidic liquids such as fizzy drinks and wine the common culprits. Learn about other causes of enamel erosion.


Abrasion occurs where hard surfaces or hard objects contact the surfaces of teeth. This is typically caused by overzealous or hard brushing. This can damage enamel, exposing the teeth. If you perform regular bad habits such as biting nails, biting down on hard surfaces or ice, you will experience abrasion.

Causes Of Worn Down Teeth

When your teeth become worn down, your enamel is likely to have been exposed. There are different problems that cause worn down teeth, such as:

  • Bruxism (Teeth Grinding) – A condition where teeth grind and clench together during sleep.
  • Misalignment – Known as malocclusion, the lower teeth have been brought ahead of your upper teeth, so your teeth are not placed in the right position when biting down on foods, causing damage.
  • Hypersensitive Teeth – Pain or discomfort in the teeth within certain stimuli such as hot and cold temperatures, which can impact teeth.
  • TMJ Pain Disorder – Pain and stress to your jaws that can cause additional wear-and-tear and teeth.
  • Stress and Anxiety – If you’re in a stressed or anxious state, this can lead to suffering with teeth grinding, damaging your teeth in the process.
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Normal ageing can cause worn down teeth, but if you feel that this isn’t the case and other reasons are owing to it, then contact us at Pennant Hills today and we can assist you to transform your smile. To keep your teeth strong, you must ensure your oral routine is strong as well. This includes being careful of the food and drinks you consume, brushing and flossing twice a day and eat calcium foods for strong enamel.

If you feel worn down teeth is due to adverse conditions you need advice on, our Dentist Pennant Hills are motivated to restore confidence in your smile. Contact Us for an appointment today.

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