Children’s Dentistry in Pennant Hills

“My Child Needs Dental Care…Can You Help?”

Is your child sprouting their first tooth? Do you want to keep their smile healthy, beautiful, and shiny for the rest of their lives? If you answered yes to both questions, it’s time to book their first dental appointment.

For a children’s dentist in Pennant Hills who is professional, friendly, and terrific with kids, call Hills Dental Design.

Types of Children’s Dentistry


Come see us when your child’s first baby tooth comes out, and we’ll help you take care of their oral hygiene.

Toddlers and Young Children

We work with toddlers and young children to make sure they’re comfortable and learn good dental habits. We can help detect potential dental problems before they occur to make sure your child is on the path to excellent oral health for a lifetime.


From braces to tooth extractions, we take care of your teenagers and make them feel safe and comfortable.

Does My Child Need Paediatric Dental Care?

Starting your kids at the dentist from a young age will help encourage good habits into adulthood. The benefits of going to a professional children’s dentist Pennant Hills are numerous, including:

  • Keeping kids’ smiles healthy as they grow up and their teeth change
  • Detecting early decay and cavities to put a stop to them before they get worse
  • Helping your children speak clearly and articulately by taking care of their smile
  • Educating youngsters on proper dental habits that they can maintain into adulthood
  • Detecting sleep issues and promoting good jaw growth
  • Advice on any orthodontic work

The Children’s Dental Treatment Process and What to Expect

First Visit

We perform X-rays, take photos of their teeth, and brush and floss for your children. Depending on their age, we’ll apply fluoride to help strengthen their teeth.

Follow-Up Visits

We will clean their teeth at every follow-up appointment along with keeping track of any potential issues. Before performing any procedures, we will sit down and have a discussion with you and your kid.

Caring for Your Children’s Teeth

Oral health starts at home. Follow these tips to care for your child’s teeth:

  • Regular Check-ups/Medical Checks: We will work with you to get your child into the office approximately every six months. Because of their young age and rapid growth, it’s essential to get your kids in often, so we can check their teeth.
  • Dietary Advice: We work with you to balance the diet of your child between sugary snacks and other foods that won’t damage their teeth as severely.
  • Good Oral Hygiene Education: Our friendly and professional children’s dentist in Pennant Hills will help teach your child how they can take care of their smile.
  • At-Home Practices: We help create ways for you to make brushing teeth and dental hygiene at home fun. Our team recommends stickers, games, and other activities that set your children up for success.

Frequency Asked Questions About Children’s Dentistry

We won’t perform any procedures without consent from both the parent and the child.

Talk with your kid before booking the appointment to include them in the process. Make sure that they know how the dentist will help them and the importance of regular visits.

At Hills Dental Design, our paediatric dentist knows how to put children’s fear at ease by making the appointment fun and relaxing. 

A twice-annual check-up and cleaning are essential to ensure that your kids grow up with healthy and beautiful smiles.

What Makes Hills Dental Design Team Different?


A Family-Friendly Team

We make every visit fun, comfortable, and make sure your children leave the office feeling happy and refreshed.

At the end of a dental appointment, your child will walk out with a dental goodie bag.

Comfortable Environment - Hills Dental

A Comfortable Environment

When your child enters the office, we make sure that they feel comfortable, safe, and heard. We go through the appointment and explain to them exactly what’s happening.

State-of-the-Art Dental Care

Modern Health-First Care

Before we start cleaning your children’s teeth, we’ll go over the tools we use and the procedures. We use state-of-the-art techniques to ensure the best quality of care.

Bring Your Child in for a Visit!

You can contact Hills Dental Design on our website or via phone today to book an appointment with your child. Our children’s dentist in Pennant Hills team is excited to work with you and your children.

Feel free to call (02) 9484 1913 or book online!

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