Understanding Oral Health And Your Immune System

Many people question whether there is a link between your oral health and your immune system. Some suggest that your oral health acts as an individual element. Well, below will detail why this is not the case.

Your mouth acts as the first line of defence for dangerous diseases and infection. Ultimately, this depends on what you feed in the mouth in regards to food and drink.

Alongside what you consume, how well you look after your teeth and gums is also an indication of your overall health. Research finds that if your immune system is weak, you’re exposing your overall health to conditions such as diabetes, dementia and cardiovascular disease.

Understanding Bacterial Infections and Inflammation

The immune systems fundamental role is to protect you from dangerous infections and substances. Antigens are attached to your immune system that triggers your defence processes. An antigen is a germ that contains bacteria that induces immune system response.

Let’s take a look at what harmful bacteria can do to your oral health:

Dental Plaque – Plaque is a sticky pale substance that coats around your teeth owing to food particles remaining inside the mouth. Plaque is the first step towards cavity and decay. Along with a weak oral routine and a poor immune system, plaque and bacteria can build in your mouth quickly.

Cavity – If you consume a diet comprising high volumes of sugar, this and bacteria combine to form an acid attack that can damage your enamel. When this happens, a tiny opening or hole forms in the centre of a tooth, known as a cavity.

Periodontal DiseasePeriodontal disease is a serious infection where your gums contract bacteria and become infected and inflamed. This causes damage to the underlying soft tissue. Eventually, the gums will recede and your teeth will begin to fall out.

Inflammation in the gums will form if your teeth and gums are being neglected. Receding gums invites the bacteria to penetrate your bloodstream. This is what’s known as C-Reactive Protection, a substance that releases inflammation and can cause adverse conditions, impacting your overall health.

Strengthen Your Oral Health And Immune System

If you’re wondering how you can strengthen your immune system through your oral health, find out below:

Brush Your Teeth With Fluoride Toothpaste – Speak to your dentist about the best fluoride toothpaste that helps strengthen your enamel. Fluoride contains properties that help to protect your mouth from enamel erosion and cavities.

Reduce Sugar And Replace With Vegetables – Reduce your sugar intake and replace it with vegetables that contain calcium and phosphorous, two key ingredients that protect your enamel to keep your teeth strong and healthy.

Keep Hydrated – Replace alcoholic and acidic drinks with water. Consume water regularly throughout the day so your saliva levels remain high. Saliva helps to digest food to keep your mouth clean.

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