Are You Noticing Gum Recession Signs?

Are you noticing your gums pulling back from your teeth? This is what’s known as receding gums. What this indicates is that you’ve suffered from periodontal disease and infection. This indicates poor gum health and it needs to be checked by the dentist in an emergency, depending on how far your periodontal disease has progressed.

Repairing your gums depends on how far the disease has progressed. If it reaches an advanced stage, there’s a chance that this impacts the strength of your bone as well and cause your teeth to fall out.

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Gum Recession Causes And Symptoms

If you’re experiencing receding gums, here are the symptoms you’re likely to experience:

  • Swelling gums
  • Excessive bleeding after brushing your teeth
  • Bad breath
  • Gum sensitivity
  • Exposed tooth roots
  • Loose teeth

Gum recession is an indication that your oral health isn’t the strongest. Here are some of the causes of it:

  • Overzealous brushing causing the gums to bleed
  • Regular smoking causing dangerous and harmful chemicals to infect and damage your gums
  • Build up of dental plaque and bacterial infections
  • Wear and tear owing to teeth grinding
  • Adverse medical conditions such as diabetes
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Can Receding Gums Grow Back?

This again depends on how far the disease has progressed. Whilst it cannot be totally reversed, receding gums can be slowed down to reduce their impact on your overall oral health. To slow down its progression, follow the below steps immediately as part of a strong oral routine:

  • Brush and Floss Your Teeth Twice A Day – Use a soft bristle toothbrush because overzealous brushing does more harm to your teeth. Brush softly and gently with the correct technique so that the bacteria can accumulate on the bristles to keep your teeth clean.
  • Use Fluoride ToothpasteBrushing with fluoride toothpaste can reduce the level of plaque buildup in the mouth. Doing so can help reduce the chances of periodontal disease progressing.
  • Fix Any Fillings And Loose Dentures – Loose fillings and dentures can leave gaps in the mouth and cause bacteria to penetrate in and around the gums, causing infection and gum recession. Visit the dentist as soon as your fillings or dentures become loose.
  • Avoid Smoking – Smoking is a key culprit for periodontal disease and the chemicals can harm your gums instantly. Reduce smoking and begin to quit it altogether.
  • Gum Contouring Treatment – Gum contouring is a cosmetic procedure that can change the shape of your gums or restore lost gum tissue to reduce the exposure of your teeth from gum recession.

If you’re noticing signs of gum recession, you need to start adopting these steps in your oral routine and begin to take them seriously. Read here to learn about its risks. You should also contact the dentist straight away to get a second opinion and possible treatment. You can do so by contacting us at Pennant Hills today!

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