Teeth Friendly Snacks For Your Children’s Oral Health

A varied and balanced diet not only implies consuming all the food groups and their recommended portions.

It is also a way to have a healthy lifestyle. 

Distributing food at various times of the day allows children to get their nutrient intake, shorten the periods they spend without eating any food and balance their blood glucose levels.

The afternoon snack is one of those meals of the day. During this meal, our children can receive food that nourishes them and helps them grow.

In general, the mid-afternoon snack should provide calories that come from foods with a high content of vitamins, minerals, and proteins, which will allow the growth and maintenance of muscle mass.

But certainly, many options that are present in our day-to-day life are not the most advantageous for our children’s bodies, nor are they highly recommended for their oral health.

Considering this, we want to present you with several options for your children’s snacks that are also healthy for their teeth.

Child’s teeth-friendly snacks for lunch

Here is a list of four food we consider very good for your children’s oral health: 

Fruits and vegetables

As we all know, fruits and vegetables are extraordinary for the growth of our children. From an oral health point of view, we recommend offering children options that have a high water content, such as melons, pears, celery, or cucumbers.

We suggest limiting foods high in concentrated sugars, such as bananas and raisins. If your children consume these foods, ask them to brush their teeth immediately after eating.


Cheese is a good option for snacks since it stimulates saliva segregation. Options of cheeses like cheddar, swiss, and Monterey are great for general and oral health.

Orange or red pepper

These foods increase vitamin C levels, which is excellent for keeping gums healthy. They are also very good at helping the immune system and our health in general.


It might seem obvious, but water is the best beverage we could give our children, not only for their dental health but for their general performance. 

Sometimes we prefer to give our children juices or soft drinks that are much more harmful options and have high sugar content. 

Water does not damage teeth and helps remove food particles. In addition, fluoridated water is ideal for preventing cavities (remember to read the label on bottled water to identify if it contains fluoride).

Final recommendations

Giving your children snacks between meals will reduce the time of the saliva to remove food debris. 

This situation means more food remains in the mouth for bacteria to process. If possible, limit snacking to once or twice a day.

Moreover, options like broccoli, plain yogurt, and milk can also be included and will build strong teeth.

Additionally, we recommend that your children brush their teeth twice a day, use dental floss, and if it is not possible to do so, rinse their mouth with water after each snack to remove the food particles they have created.

And, of course, schedule regular dental checkups for your child at Pennant Hills Dentist.

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