Child’s teeth friendly snacks for lunch

Child’s teeth friendly snacks for lunch

A nutritious meal at lunchtime isn’t just important to give your child an energy boost to finish out their school day—it can make a big difference in their overall and oral health.

If you’re concerned about expenses, packing a healthy lunch doesn’t have to be costly. Here are a few ideas to help fill your child’s lunchbox with tooth-friendly snacks that won’t break the bank. Getting specific feedback for your children’s oral development is encouraged so you can get the best advice for your children.

Picking the Right Snacks

Choose bacteria fighters.

Crunchy vegetables like celery, apples or carrots require more chewing which produces increased saliva to attack bacteria in your child’s mouth.

Sneak in Vitamin C.

Proper Vitamin C intake is important for a healthy immune system and our overall health, but it also plays a part in keeping gums healthy. Opt for an orange or red pepper.

Say no to juice.

Instead of packing a juice box in your child’s lunch, consider a small water bottle or milk. Water is great for rinsing away debris as well as keeping your child hydrated, while milk is packed full of calcium which is essential for healthy bones.

Bonus tip — cheese is another great way to get calcium into your child’s lunch—chop a block into cubes for fun, bite-sized snacks.

If your child purchases their lunch at school, talk with them about making healthy choices for their teeth and overall wellness, and don’t forget to schedule their next appointment with us!

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