Spit, Don’t Rinse!

While you’ll likely hear your dental hygienist tell you to spit after a cleaning, you won’t be asked to rinse. Why? Rinsing will remove some of the fluorides from your teeth that works to strengthen your enamel. By leaving more of fluoride on your teeth longer, your teeth will benefit. If you do choose to rinse, use the smallest amount of water possible.

In fact, a study published in the International Dental Journal in 2013 revealed that those who rinsed just once after brushing had a higher level of fluoride on their teeth versus those who rinsed three times.

Consider These Rinse Options

Toothpaste slurry: By combining the toothpaste foam in your mouth with a small sip of water you can create a mixture that may help prevent cavities. Simply swish the concoction in your mouth and then spit. No additional rinsing is required.

Fluoride Rinses: A variety of teeth-strengthening fluoride rinses are available to help fortify your teeth. With these, you don’t need to rinse first with water. Non-fluoride rinses, however, can wash away a good bit of the fluoride from your toothpaste.

Keep Your Pearly Whites Sparkling

Of course, brushing your teeth for two minutes, twice a day is one of the best ways to ensure optimal oral health. Always supervise younger children to make sure they only use a pea-sized bit of toothpaste as high doses of fluoride can be toxic.

We also encourage you to schedule regular dental checkups every six months. Doing so will allow you to keep your teeth strong and healthy. Dentists Pennant hills look forward to seeing you for your next cleaning!

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