Is Every Mouthwash Created Equal?

It is common knowledge that, because of the wide variety. Shopping for healthcare products can (more often than not) be a daunting task, and this includes oral care.

In this regard, and though it´s a common item, choosing which mouthwash is the best suited for your specific needs can be overwhelming.

You might find yourself walking down the drugstore´s aisle, wondering: Is every mouthwash created equal? The short answer´s NO, but keep reading, as there´s so much more to this subject.

Although mouthwash is a critical component of a complete oral hygiene routine, note that not all mouthwashes are the same, so you need to learn how to differentiate.

Whether you need to treat bad breath, reduce/prevent plaque buildup, or just want to better care for your oral health. Rest assured, there´s a mouthwash for your specific needs.

Here, we have compiled a brief guide with all you need to know about mouthwash. Knowing this, you´ll be able to pick the mouthwash that works best for you.

Mouthwash: A Helpful Guide

The first thing you should know is that mouthwash can be classified into two main groups: cosmetic rinses and therapeutic mouthwashes.

Cosmetic rinses

As the name implies, this type of mouthwash is primarily used when you want to mask bad breath. You can also use it to remove any bad tastes from your mouth.

Often composed of water, alcohol, flavouring essences, and some astringent/deodorizing agent. Cosmetic rinses are merely a temporary breath-freshener solution.

Little do cosmetic rinses treat either the underlying causes of bad breath or for teeth/gums long-term protection.

Therapeutic mouthwash

Unlike cosmetic rinses, a therapeutic mouthwash includes additional agents in its composition. This helps treat specific conditions. There´re three main types of therapeutic mouthwash you should know about:

Antibacterial Mouthwash

The perfect choice if you´re having bad breath issues. The antimicrobial agents present in its composition focus on killing bad-breath-producing bacteria, dealing with the problem right at its source.

Additionally, those same bacteria-killing agents provide the added benefit of helping limit plaque buildup. Antibacterial mouthwash also brings a certain level of protection against gum disease.

Fluoride Rinse

A natural-occurring mineral, fluoride strengthens teeth enamel, thus preventing tooth decay/cavities. This makes fluoride rinse the perfect choice if you want more resistant teeth.

Nevertheless, be aware that, although fluoride works wonders in preventing cavities, it can also affect patients who´re suffering/prone to developing gum disease.

Prescription Rinses

Though they´re similar to antibacterial mouthwash, prescription rinses have more specific bacteria-fighting properties. These are usually indicated for patients suffering from gum disease/gingivitis.

Because of their prescription-level antimicrobial properties, most prescription rinses are not over-the-counter. If you feel like you need a prescription mouthwash, please consult with your dentist.

So, there you go! We hope that this guide will let you walk down the drugstore´s dental aisle and confidently pick that one mouthwash that´s perfect for you!

Also, know that it doesn´t matter which mouthwash brand you choose. Just make sure it´s the most beneficial product for your oral health.

Still unsure you´ll know what mouthwash is the best for you? Feel free to contact us. Our team will happily give you expert advice on the matter.

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