Root Canal Costs: What You Need to Know Before Your Next Dentist Appointment

Most people don’t have to go through a painful root canal procedure. As it’s known to be bitter, people prefer leaving the affected teeth. The price might be another reason why people tend to get away from the root canal procedure. Although the process is complex, sometimes it becomes necessary, or the last resort will be tooth extraction.

Here is all the need to know about the root canal cost, factors influencing the price, and whether insurance covers the procedure.

What is the Cost of a Root Canal in Australia?

There are many things on which root canal therapy depends, including whether you need a crown or not and how many canals the dentist has to fill. Australia’s average root canal cost starts at $2,000. If it is a molar root canal with three canals, the price can go up to $2,750 without a crown. If you are going for the crown, you must pay $4,750 for the entire procedure.

The entire root canal process involves several dental services like x-rays, mechanical preparation for one canal, mechanical preparation for an additional canal, pulp obturation, and a full dental crown. The entire root canal procedure is straightforward, with very little to no discomfort, and involves around one to two visits to the dentist.

Which Factors Can Influence the Root Canal Cost?

  • Geographic Location

Geographic location is among the main factors influencing the root canal cost. Those living in the coastal areas of Australia have to pay higher prices for dental procedures than those residing in other parts of the country.

  • Treatment Timing

If you keep delaying the root canal procedure, it will get worse, which means that the dentist has to do more work, and you have to pay more. If you can quickly identify the damaged root, then the root canal procedure becomes easy for the dentist to perform. Over time, the infection becomes severe, and more work is necessary to clean the root and canal.

  • Location of the Tooth

The main factor influencing the root canal cost is the location of the damaged or diseased tooth. If it is the front tooth, it will cost less than the molar requiring treatment. Molars usually have up to three roots, so they need more work during the procedure.

  • Previous Damage

If your tooth has been repaired previously and needs a root canal, the treatment can become complicated. In that case, restoring a fragile tooth can become challenging. Therefore, the additional work required for the follow-up procedure can result in added costs.

Does Insurance Cover the Root Canal?

Although it depends on your case, dental insurance can cover the root canal cost. Your insurance policy may take care of 50% to 80% cost of the entire procedure after meeting the deductibles. However, it would be best if you remembered that your insurance company might pay less for the dental crown.

It is also worth mentioning that the insurance company would like you to meet specific requirements to qualify for the root canal procedure. You need to prove that you have a damaged tooth structure and need a crown to be eligible for coverage. Every insurer has plans to cover dental procedures, which include root canals.

Professional Root Canal Treatment in Pennant Hills, NSW, Australia

When we talk about the cost of a root canal, it can be expensive, but it is also necessary. Therefore, you must visit a dental clinic like Hills Dental Design that has years of experience and knows how to do the job. Our team of expert dentist in Pennant Hills has a strong reputation for eliminating any tooth infection. With our painless root canal procedure, you will get on with your life and avoid returning for costly procedures.

here is our guide that might interest you about how long does root canal procedure takes.

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