Dental Implants Vs Root Canal

Are you experiencing a severe toothache? 

Chances are, you have a tooth infection. When your dental pulp gets infected, it can cause extreme pain, and if you don’t get it treated in time, the condition can get worse and spread to other parts of your body. 

The two most common ways to treat tooth infections are the root canal and dental implant (after tooth extraction). If you’re finding it hard to select which is better for you – dental implants vs root canal, then keep scrolling. 

What are Dental Implants? 

When your tooth is so severely damaged or infected that it is impossible to save it, your dentist recommends a tooth extraction followed by a dental implant. 

A dental implant consists of a false tooth or crown fixed on a titanium post anchored into your jawbone. A dental implant can restore the look and functionality of your natural teeth. In Australia, the cost of a dental implant starts from $3,000. 

Pros of Dental Implants 

Here are some pros of dental implants: 

  • Natural Appearance: A dental implant can offer the same natural appearance even if you lose your natural tooth due to infection or damage. Your dental implant will be made specifically for you. The size, shape, and colour match your natural teeth. 
  • Durability: Dental implants are a perfect choice if you’re looking for a more durable option. If properly maintained, dental implants can last between 20-30 years. 
  • Functionality: Since the dentist anchors the dental implants into your jawbone, they’re stable and offer almost the same functionality as your natural teeth. 

Cons of Dental Implants 

The following are some cons of dental implants: 

  • You’ll require surgery to get a dental implant, making the procedure more invasive and time-consuming. 
  • It takes more time to recover after the surgery, and there are also risks associated with the surgery. 
  • They are expensive. 

What is a Root Canal? 

To decide between dental implants vs root canals, you must remember that tooth extraction is sometimes the right choice. 

A root canal is a treatment in which the dentist removes the infected dental pulp and cleans the tooth. After that, he seals and places the dental crown (or a filling) over it. A root canal is a procedure that saves your natural tooth. Here is a detailed guide on what is root canal.

In Australia, the cost of a root canal starts from $900. 

Pros of Root Canal 

Here are some reasons you might go for a root canal: 

  • Preserves Original Tooth: The best thing about a root canal is that it saves your original tooth. A tooth-coloured dental filling can fill the hole if there’s only a small cavity. However, sometimes your dentists will recommend getting a dental crown. 
  • Procedure: This treatment is less invasive and time-consuming than a dental implant. It’ll only take two appointments. 
  • Cost: A root canal is more affordable than a dental implant, even if you include the price of a dental crown. 

Cons of Root Canal 

Here are some cons of root canals:

  • Your tooth might be too damaged, and your dentist may only discover it after the procedure. 
  • Certain complications and poor oral hygiene may lead to tooth loss. 

Dental Implants vs Root Canal

It all comes down to your unique needs, preferences, and budget. However, saving the natural tooth is always better than extracting it. Still, your dentist will recommend a better option based on the extent of the damage. 

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