Brace Yourself: How Much Do Dental Braces Really Cost?

Having crooked or misaligned teeth is a problem faced by many people in all parts of the world, and everyone wants to straighten their teeth to have the smile they deserve. These days, we can see several treatments that can help straighten the teeth, and braces are still the top option. If you are looking for dental braces, you will get them according to your dentist’s needs, but only some methods can work for some individuals.

Here, we will discuss orthodontic dental braces, their components, and how much the dental braces cost.

What are the Components of Dental Braces?

  • Brackets

The dentist bonds these small appliances on the teeth’ front part. Brackets hold the wires moving the teeth and act like handles.

  • Orthodontic Bands

The orthodontic bands are clear, tooth-coloured, or stainless steel. They are cemented to the molars and are used as a wrap around the teeth to give anchorage for the brackets.

  • Ligatures

Ligatures are known to be the ties holding the brackets and the wires. 

  • Wires

The function of the wires is to guide the teeth into alignment. There are different types of wires in the market. Some are tooth-coloured, while others have a metallic appearance.

  • Springs

For opening and closing the spaces between your teeth, dentists place springs.

What is the Cost Range of Dental Braces?

Aside from ensuring that you have the right fit for the braces, it is also essential for you to know the dental braces cost. The price of dental braces depends on several factors, like the level of correction required by your teeth and their age. The length of treatment and the braces’ material also impact how much you need to pay.

If you go for the entire course of orthodontic treatment, you need to pay from $6,000 for the traditional metal braces, from $6,500 for the ceramic braces, and you can expect to pay from $9,500 for the lingual braces. Although these are the standard prices that people need to pay for the props, if they need bracket replacement or re-alignment, then the cost can increase.

Which Factors Can Impact the Cost of Dental Braces?

A few factors can affect the cost of dental braces. Keep them in mind when buying one for yourself.

  • Age of the Individual

The dental braces cost is higher for adults as compared to the ones for young people. Although the difference is around 4%, you can still expect to pay more for adult braces than equal treatment for the young.

  • Location of the Braces

Usually, the dentist places metal or ceramic braces on the front of the teeth, which are less expensive than lingual braces. On the other hand, lingual braces can be challenging to install in the mouth because it is always challenging to correctly place the wires and brackets on the back of the teeth.

  • How Long Braces Are Required

On average, you need to wear braces for two years. The braces will become more expensive if a more extended treatment period exists. It is always challenging to control the initial alignment of the teeth, but it is possible to prevent setbacks by taking proper care of the braces.

Orthodontic Braces in Pennant Hills, NSW, Australia

These days, many teenagers have traditional metal braces fitted to their teeth for dental issues. Hills Dental Design offers the best orthodontic treatment to move your teeth and jaws to the desired position with the best dental braces. Our experts will discuss all the details with you regarding the type of dental braces you need and how long you have to wear them.

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