Tooth Extraction

Is your Mouth In Severe Pain? Your Tooth Could Be Severely Infected And You May Need Tooth Extraction Treatment. Your Local Oral Surgeon Will Be Ready To Serve You. Act Now Before It Gets Worse. Check Yourself In Today!

Tooth Extraction Treatment At Hills Dental Design

There are many reasons why your tooth can become damaged or decayed beyond repair. If you experience severe pain, there is a chance you have an infection or have suffered from abscess and periodontal disease. It is frightening to think that your mouth is in pain whilst you’re unsure what it is or what to do next. However, it is important not to panic. As soon as you feel pain in the mouth, contact your local dentist immediately and seek assistance. Our helpful staff will act professionally and swiftly to ensure you’re immediately relieved from your pain.

Upon visiting your local dentist, you will also experience:

The Tooth Extraction Procedure

Tooth Extraction in pennant

Intense discomfort can be frustrating and alarming. Once you arrive for an emergency appointment, an experienced oral surgeon will immediately undergo a medical examination to identify the root cause of your pain. This will also determine how decayed the tooth is to determine if it needs extraction or if it can be saved. If the tooth can be saved, you may be recommended other forms of treatment. Tooth extraction is typically considered as a last-choice form of treatment. If the pain is too severe and or your tooth is severely damaged beyond repair, tooth extraction treatment will be necessary.

What Should You Do After Tooth Extraction Treatment Is Complete?

Once your tooth is extracted, you will likely experience shock pain which is likely to increase once the anaesthetic wears off. The oral surgeon will also check for internal bleeding after the extraction is complete, where a gauze pad will be given to bite on to reduce the blood flow.

After 24 hours post-treatment, you’re expected to feel stiffness and healing pain within the mouth for at least 5 to 7 days. 

We recommend you consider these options for faster recovery:

  • Take regular antibiotics prescribed by the oral surgeon and as per instructions
  • Avoid physical exercise or activity and take regular rest
  • Brush your teeth daily but use a soft-thistle brush to avoid the gap

Are you in severe dental pain? Is your tooth damaged beyond repair? Contact your local surgeon immediately for an emergency appointment. We are ready to deliver unparalleled service you can rely on.