Is Milk Good For Your Teeth?

Do you regularly drink milk as part of your diet? One of the common questions people ask is whether milk is good for your teeth. Whilst many articles indicate that dairy products are good for your teeth, it is important to address why this is rather than taking the internet’s word for it.

Two key ingredients for enamel remineralization is calcium and phosphate. The word remineralization means the natural repair of your enamel, where calcium and phosphate contribute towards strengthening your enamel and tooth structures.

Straight off the bat, calcium and phosphate are two important properties for strong teeth. Consider them as protective nutrients, full of protein that protects your mouth from tooth decay.

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So, does milk play a part in protecting your teeth?

The answer is yes, milk is good for your teeth. If it is part of your diet, then you’re heading int he right direction for your smile to shine. Let’s breakdown below how milk is good for your teeth and how it protects your smile.

  • Rich In Calcium and Phosphate – As mentioned above, calcium and phosphate are minerals that first repair any damage to your teeth, and protect your smile from thereon. The foods you eat break down in the mouth as food particles. This can mould into bacteria and form into acids if you perform poor oral hygiene. With a strong oral routine comprising of brushing teeth regularly and drinking milk, your smile is protected.
  • Neutralizes Acids – Milk can neutralize acids in the mouth owing to sugary food and drink. Whether it’s through a meal or on its own, drinking milk will prevent damage to your mouth owing to an acid attack.
  • Stimulates Saliva – Saliva levels are very important because it helps to digest food particles from the mouth and keep your mouth clean. Drinking milk will promote high saliva levels.
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Other Dairy Options

Drinking milk is a great source for remineralization. Milk is a form of dairy, and there are other great dairy options available to keep your teeth strong, not just milk.

  • Yoghurt – on it’s own or with fruits such as blueberries
  • Mozarella, cottage and cheddar cheese
  • Adding buttermilk to your meals
  • Ice cream – although this is only recommended on a moderate basis due to the sugars it includes
  • Soya – found in cheese, milk and yoghurts

You can read here to learn more about how calcium is so important for your teeth. Alternatively, you can seek further advice from our Pennant Hills team. Check yourself in for an appointment today!

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