Tips To Keep Teeth White After Teeth Whitening Procedure

Have you recently had teeth-whitening treatment? The next steps are to keep them white. But how? This guide will detail the tips you should follow at home for a long-term shine.

Some common questions that come after you’ve whitened your teeth are:

  • How long will my teeth stay white?
  • Will my teeth begin to stain over time?
  • What do I do to keep my teeth white for the long-term?

The Routine Tips To Keep Teeth White

How you look after your teeth is up to your oral routine. Follow these tips to help prolong those pearly whites for a long-term smile:

  • Develop A Positive Oral Routine – After treatment is complete, expect the dentist to recommend a positive oral routine to take care of your teeth. The dentist will advise on lifestyle tips that you should incorporate daily so that your teeth get the best care they deserve. Typically, expect the dentist to ask you to brush and floss daily, maintain a balanced diet containing fewer sugars, rinse your mouth during a heavy meal and keep your mouth clear of any debris. You may also request special fluoride toothpaste that specialises in keeping your teeth white.
  • Always Book Yourself In For Check-Ups – The dentist is best placed to see any concerns to your teeth. No matter if your teeth look white on the outside, there may be niggling concerns at the back that you can’t see, such as stubborn stains or some tartar. Keep to a regular appointment schedule of one visit every six months.
  • Avoid A Diet Of Sugars And Dark Solids – Everybody understands the concerns with regular consumption of sugar, but we act only when it’s too late. Stay proactive and change your diet by incorporating more vegetables and water so your teeth can absorb the calcium and high-fiber foods to keep your teeth strong.
  • Reduce Consumption of Alcohol and Smoking Products – Discolouration on teeth usually stem from alcohol and smoking products such as tobacco. If you’re a regular smoker, while it is difficult to stop completely, it is also important to reduce the intake as much as possible to keep your teeth white.

The buck stops with you. In order to keep your teeth white, lifestyle changes are important to show off your pearly whites in public. Investing in treatment is not cheap these days, and you want to make sure that the investment that you place in teeth whitening treatment is important for the long-term.

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