Why Are Dental Visits So Important?

Usually, people think about visiting the dentist only when having a cavity or toothache. There are those who go to the dentist only to perform dental cleanings.

The truth is that the importance of going to the dentist goes far beyond that. Visits to the dentist ensure the health of your mouth. In this article, you will know why. Continue reading so you can learn more about what a visit to the dentist is all about.

1. We give your teeth a professional cleaning.

The best known and sought-after treatment when visiting a dentist is cleaning. With cleaning, the dentist removes bacterial plaque and accumulated tartar. 

This procedure prevents cavities, halitosis, gingivitis, and periodontitis. It strengthens the enamel and also returns the whiteness to your smile.

In general, dental cleaning can last between 30 minutes to an hour. So, it is a relatively quick procedure. Cleaning will not take much time and will give you lasting benefits.

The dentist uses tools specifically designed for dental hygiene. In some cases, the use of anesthesia may be required, for example, in severe cases of periodontitis. 

Cleaning can be routine or deep, as required by the patient’s case. They are also performed before surgical procedures as a prerequisite. Cleaning at the dentist will always offer you better results than the cleaning you can do at home, thanks to all the professional tools he uses.

Our dentists are highly skilled at removing plaque from hard-to-reach areas. With a visit to our centre, you can receive a professional cleaning with our dentist and remove any tartar buildup that has occurred since your last visit.

2. Take measures to prevent decay and gum disease.

The knowledge of the dentist, in conjunction with the patient’s history, allows oral diseases to be predictable.

In a general visit, the dentist can improve your hygiene habits, optimising the preventive care of your oral health. Also, he can perform diagnoses and give you preventive treatments for any oral diseases.

Tooth decay is not the only condition that can harm your oral health. There are diseases that can be avoided by being treated and detected in a regular visit to the dentist. 

When diseases symptoms are not identified in time, irreparable consequences can occur, such as losing teeth. Several diseases attack the gums and teeth and the entire oral cavity, affecting our general health.

For this reason, visits to the dentist are also efficient preventive measures, as long as they are regular.

3. Early detection of oral cancer.

Dentists can quickly identify the warning signs of possible oral cancer. 

If this is detected in a visit, the dentist can offer you immediate treatment and give you the appropriate recommendations to improve the chances of overcoming the disease without complications. When identified in its early stage, oral cancer can be entirely healed. 

If necessary, the dentist can refer you to a specialist to perform procedures or treatments relevant to your case.

Have you already had your routine exam? You can schedule a visit to our centre and be seen by our Pennant Hills dental professionals by calling us today.

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