Parent Should know how to deal with baby teeth

Have you ever wondered why we have two sets of teeth in our lifetime? Though we don’t keep our baby teeth for long, they do serve an important purpose during the first few years of our lives.

Check out these five facts about your first set of teeth!

1. Baby teeth are also known as primary teeth

Between the ages of six months and one year, the first few teeth should begin to make an appearance. A full set of primary teeth consists of 20 teeth.

2. Primary teeth are just as important as adult teeth.

Primary teeth act as placeholders for future adult teeth. If a primary tooth falls out too early, it can cause the adult tooth to grow crooked or without enough space to fit properly.

3. They are important for your baby’s development.

Without primary teeth, it would be difficult for children to chew, speak and even smile!

4. Noticing a lot of drool?

Have you ever been around a baby when they’re teething and noticed their shirt is covered in drool? Excess saliva production during the teething process actually helps to minimise gum inflammation by providing extra moisture.

5. Baby teeth need to be cared for just as adult teeth do.

In fact, we suggest bringing children in for their first appointment as soon as their first tooth emerges, or no later than their first birthday.

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