What Causes Osteoporosis?

For a strong smile to shine through, the strength of your bone is essential. The underlying jawbone is the anchor of your teeth, also known as the alveolar process, a part of the jaw that firmly keeps your teeth in place.

When this weakens, it is likely that your oral health will begin to degrade and, subsequently, likely that your teeth will begin to fall out. Fundamentally, the underlying bone needs to be kept strong because when it becomes brittle, you’ll also notice a change in your overall facial appearance. This triggers something called low bone density and it’s likely your bone will break. This is formerly known as osteoporosis.

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How Can I Avoid Osteoporosis?

An important part of your lifestyle is the food and drink you consume regularly. Just like your tooth enamel, the bone tissue also needs the right nutrients and minerals to remain strong to avoid something called bone resorption, where the minerals are transferred from the bone and released to the blood.

To avoid this, consider altering your diet with food and drink that contain the following mineral properties:

  • Calcium – Calcium is the most important mineral for bone. As we age, bone will naturally degrade, but to slow it down considerably, consume more calcium.
  • Vitamin D – Vitamin D and calcium go hand-in-hand because vitamin D absorbs calcium sources to maintain the strength of the bone.
  • Phosphorous – Phosphorous also works with calcium and vitamin D to maintain the health of your bone.

Read here to learn about the foods you can eat today to reduce Osteoporosis.

An important habit that you need to drop is consuming smoking and alcohol. Regular smoking reduces the body’s ability to absorb calcium and will make your bone brittle. Alcohol is also the same, and it is important that you reduce alcohol intake to preserve a strong smile.

If you regularly take medication, certain ones can weaken your bone. When taking medication, ensure that you identify if one of the side effects is weak bone density. Consult the dentist at your next check-up appointment so they can provide the advice you need.

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What Oral Health Conditions Can Osteoporosis Cause?

Should you be experiencing low bone density, then this is bad news for your oral health. We’ve already touched base on the consequences, but below explains it further:

  • Tooth Loss – Simply put, osteoporosis can cause your teeth to fall out owing to low bone density. You will also begin to notice a change in your facial structure and an impact on overall mouth functioning.
  • Periodontitis– Bone loss can escalate periodontitis, a condition where harmful bacteria causes the underlying jawbone and gums to recede and cause gum inflammation. This will require an emergency appointment.

You are in control of your own smile. Start making the relevant changes to keep your bone, jaw and teeth strong for a healthy smile. If you need further support, check yourself in for an appointment with us and we’d be more than happy to help!

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