What Are the Most Common Dental Emergencies?

If you suffer from a dental emergency, it’s more than likely that you’ll require emergency treatment. But don’t panic! We understand the fears and anxiety of dental pain because you don’t know what the cause of it is and what to do next.

Dental emergencies are a common occurrence. Whether it’s caused by an awkward bite on chewy food or caused by a natural accident. Whatever the outcome, you will require professional dental emergency treatment. It’s recommended that you seek professional help immediately after you experience pain in your mouth. The benefit by doing this is if the problem can be captured early, the more likely your tooth can be saved. Sure, home remedies are available for immediate pain relief, but this will only benefit you in the short-term and its unlikely to be a permanent solution.

So, if you’re in pain, what could the cause be? We have identified 5 common causes of dental pain that you’re most likely to experience:

The Five Common Causes

  1. Your Tooth Is Damaged or Cracked – Once your tooth breaks, you open the door to bacteria. This could lead to infection or severe decay. The earlier you consult your emergency dentist services the more chance your natural tooth can be saved. Severe decay means your tooth may be unrepairable and you may be recommended for other treatments such as bridges or implants.
  2. You’re Experiencing Pain in Your Jaw – The strength of your jaw is important not just for the dental care but for your overall oral health. The jaw is directly linked to your ability to function the mouth such as breathing, eating and talking. Jaw accidents are typically common during physical activity and must be resolved swiftly to limit facial bruising, swelling and bleeding.
  3. You’ve Lost A Filling or Crown – Fillings are a very common form of emergency dental care treatment. They are usually a temporary solution to cover a gap within your teeth line before an implant or bridge is applied. Fillings also wear and tear over time and this could be a sign of cavity forming. If not treated in time, the underlying bone stops stimulating, degrading your jaw strength and structure.
  4. You’re Experiencing Severe Toothache – One of the most frustrating forms of pain is toothache because there is no way in identifying what the problem is. Your gums could be infected, your tooth may be decayed, or an infection could be forming. The cause of the pain needs to be addressed rather than the actual pain. With X-Rays and antibiotics prescribed by the dentist, they will swiftly locate the problem and limit your pain.
  5. Your Tooth Has Been Knocked Out – If your tooth has been knocked out of its socket, it can still be saved! The dentist will look to reattach the tooth to your jaw-line. However, you must ensure the tooth is moist before its seen to. Rinse the tooth in water or milk and safely tuck your tooth back into its socket before further emergency dental care treatment is administered.

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Final Round-Up

Dental emergencies are a frightening and fearful experience.  The common types of emergency are the most common causes that dentists look for. The advanced technology available at Hills Dental ensures that the cause is swiftly identifiable so that your teeth are safeguarded and kept healthy as much as possible.

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