Twilight Sedation Dentistry: What Is It? Is It Right For You?

No matter what time of the day it is, a toothache can occur at any time. At a time when you have a busy schedule, it is natural to avoid it so you can get on with your day. However, it is important that you don’t just try to forget about the toothache. If the toothache disappears, this doesn’t mean that the problem has been resolved. You’re making it progressively worse if you’re ignoring the issue because you do not want to visit the dentist. 

Although, there are many reasons why patients avoid visiting the dentist, which may not even be in their control. For example, reasons for visiting the dentist could include reasons such as suffering from dental anxiety, fear of needles, and fear of judgment from the professionals. Other reasons can include simply having thoughts about how bad the dentist is.

Well, modern dentistry has found a way to combat this, so you don’t have to avoid visiting the dentist. Dental surgeries can now be performed under sedation techniques such as twilight sedation (IV).

What Is Twilight Sedation?

Twilight sedation, formally known as IV sedation, is a form of sleeping treatment that is administered to a patient before a procedure begins. Twilight sedation is designed to make people feel consciously relaxed in the dental chair and become numb to any pain they may experience during treatment. It is safe and especially carried out by the dentist.

Is Twilight Sedation Dentistry Right For Me?

Twilight sedation dentistry is designed for patients who feel anxious and uncomfortable visiting the clinic for treatment. If you’re concerned about your oral health yet you’re anxious about visiting the dentist, understanding how sedation dentistry can help you is a great first step to speaking to the dentist. The dentist only wants what’s best for your oral health, and delivering the required service to suit your needs will go a long way to achieving that.

What Are The Other Sedation Options Available?

If you don’t like the idea of twilight sedation dentistry, there are two other options you can consider:

  • Nitrous Oxide – Nitrous oxide is also known as laughing gas and is a milder form of sedation dentistry. It is designed for you to inhale it regularly throughout treatment to help you feel relaxed during treatment.
  • Oral Sedation – Oral sedation is administered in the form of a tablet or pill the morning before treatment. It is effective in helping patients who experience extreme anxiety when it comes to pending dental treatment.

Take steps To Visit The Dentist Today…

Therefore, if you’re experiencing a toothache, yet you’re struggling to take the first step in visiting the dentist, talking it through with them is the best solution to give you greater confidence when stepping foot in the clinic. Alternatively, check out the key benefits of using twilight sedation dentistry.

Don’t leave toothache to chance. Prepare yourself for an appointment by speaking to your local dentist today!

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