The Causes of Enamel Erosion

The enamel is the hardest substance in the body. It is placed on the outer layer of your tooth surface and helps to protect your teeth from oral damage. It also preserves your aesthetic appearance. Your mouth goes through a lot of activity every day such as chewing, biting and grinding, and if the enamel is fed the right mineral properties to continue to remineralize, your smile is protected.

Sometimes, the enamel can go through demineralization. This happens when the enamel becomes weak and is exposed to oral health conditions such as tooth decay. Read here to learn more about the process of demineralization and remineralization and learn some vital steps on the way to keep your enamel strong.

When your enamel doesn’t receive the required nourishment from vital mineral properties such as calcium, phosphate and phosphorous, your smile becomes exposed and your enamel becomes weak.

Learn about the causes of enamel erosion below to give you a better understanding of what happens to your teeth when the enamel becomes weak.

Damaged and crooked teeth

Teeth Grinding

The formal term for this is Attrition, where your upper and lower teeth clench and grind together causing wear and tear. This is what’s known as Bruxism, which is a common habit that only occurs during sleep. If you’re stressed or anxious, you’ll suffer from facial pain and headaches which are symptoms of teeth grinding. Wear-and-tear plays a part in weakening your enamel. Read on below to learn more about wear and tear.

Wear and Tear

Wear-and-tear is formally known as abrasion, which is the process of scraping or wearing away your teeth. This happens naturally through teeth grinding. Although it can also occur when you brush too hard with your toothbrush, or you’re using a hard toothbrush. Abrasion also occurs if you bite down on hard surfaces. You’re feeding harmful properties to your enamel and cracks in teeth expose your teeth to discolouration.

Acidic Properties

There are many foods that contain acidic properties that attack your teeth. Not only through the food, you eat, but certain medical conditions such as acid reflux, a condition where stomach acid builds up from the esophagus, bulimia and aspirin tablets can also impact your oral health. You need to maintain a strong oral routine so that your enamel stays as strong as possible.

Tooth Taken Out

 Oral Hygiene 

To ensure that your enamel continues to keep your teeth strong and clean, ensure that you maintain a strong oral routine that comprises a balanced diet full of calcium and phosphate, regular brushing and flossing twice a day, booking oral check-ups, avoid smoking, avoid alcohol and ensure your mouth stays clean from food debris. A weak oral routine is a major culprit for enamel erosion.

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