Spotted Teeth? Here’s the Cause

Spotted Teeth? Here’s the Cause

We all want healthy, white teeth—but can they ever be too bright? Yes, actually. In fact, many people have bright “white spots” on their teeth that don’t blend in with the shade of the others.

Here are a few possible causes for spotted teeth and how you can better manage this.


When bacterial plaque builds up on the teeth, demineralisation can occur and ultimately leave permanent bright white spots in its place. Demineralisation can be common in children and adults with braces who don’t practice proper brushing techniques. If you’re wearing or considering braces, remember the importance of brushing after every meal.


Fluorosis can cause a change in enamel when too much or large amounts of fluoride is ingested as the teeth are forming. Likely culprits are usually supplements, fluoride toothpaste and too much fluoridated water. Though a certain amount of fluoride can help teeth fight decay, an excessive amount can do more harm than good. Our dentists can guide you with this process in your check up and clean appointment

Enamel Hypoplasia

Resulting from nutritional deficiencies, prenatal smoking and side effects from medicine or supplements, areas of the teeth with enamel hypoplasia resemble fluorosis spots and may be yellow, brown or white in color, though its appearance is more linear.

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