Signs That You’re A Viable Candidate For Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers have transformed smiles for many years and continue to today. Your favourite celebrities and idols are always wearing them and there is no reason why you can’t capture that Hollywood smile for your own teeth. Dental Veneers is a cosmetic and restorative dentistry procedure. Usually made out of porcelain material, veneers are moulded to match the shine of your current teeth. They hide niggling wear-and-tear concerns that frustratingly remain. Veneers require a thin piece of tooth enamel from the front of your teeth unless you choose no-prep veneers, which hardly require any enamel. dental veneers

Signs That You’re A Candidate

Whilst you may look at your teeth one day and decide you want to transform the look to your smile, for all kinds of cosmetic treatments, your teeth need to be in an acceptable condition for the dentist to recommend them. The following signs will indicate that you are a viable candidate for dental veneers:

  1. Your Teeth Suffer From Severe Discoloration – Dental Veneers are perfect in hiding those stains that you just can’t get rid of with a soft-bristle brush. From moderate to extreme discolouration, sometimes teeth whitening treatment isn’t enough to hide them. Dental veneers are placed on the front surface of teeth to hide stains that appear. Veneers are also useful for covering old fillings.
  2. Your Bone Density Is Healthy Enough – Without an acceptable amount of bone density, teeth will begin to fall out. Like any kind of treatment, your teeth need to be strong enough in place for cosmetic treatments to be considered. In particular, if you suffer from osteoporosis, this will have an impact on the jawbone that supports the teeth.
  3. You Have Plenty Of Tooth Enamel – Poor oral hygiene can lead to further erosion of tooth enamel, meaning it’s next to impossible that you can be viable for dental veneer treatment. The dentist looks to remove some enamel to make space to fit the veneers. This is necessary so that the veneer can bond with the surface of the teeth.
  4. Your Teeth Are Straight – There are many treatments available that cater to the straightening of teeth if they’re not already. Veneers bond better with straight teeth because when you smile, crooked teeth can be visible behind the veneers. Also, crooked teeth can lead to malocclusion, which is a misaligned bite. This may put pressure on teeth causing the veneer to crack.
  5. Your Oral Hygiene Is Positive – Dental veneers need to be looked after just like your natural teeth. Adopting positive oral hygiene gives the veneers a likelier chance of surviving for the long-term.

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Family Dental Checkup Services in pennant Hills The dentist will perform a thorough examination of your teeth and jaw structure, following these signs to determine if you’re a viable candidate for dental veneers. If not, other treatments may be recommended. Dental veneers have transformed smiles for many years and the results are incredible.

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