Reduce Teeth Whitening Sensitivity At Home

It continues to be proven that teeth whitening treatment transforms your confidence with a dazzling smile and is one of the more popular cosmetic treatment choices. The procedure in the dental chair is pain-free and the results are instant, although there may be some side effects you could experience. This may also include experiencing sensitivity or discomfort during treatment. This is a result of teeth whitening sensitivity. The dentist will make you aware that this may be a minor side-effect during and after the procedure. If you experience sensitivity during treatment, notify the dentist as soon as possible. The dentist is best placed to advise you about next steps.

The process of how teeth whitening works ties directly to the transformative effects on your smile. As a popular cosmetic choice, it offers pain-free, instant results. However, side effects like sensitivity can occur due to the whitening process. The dentist will prepare you for potential effects. If sensitivity arises during treatment, the dentist’s guidance is key.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that having white teeth is painful.  It is likely that the sensitivity is due to the dental-grade bleaching agent used. The agent caters to deliver long-term teeth whitening results.

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The Steps You Can Take At Home

Below, we break down what helps reduce teeth whitening sensitivity to help you cope with it at home.

Limit Hot And Cold Foods

Whilst the whitening agent settles on your teeth, the sensitivity you experience will get worse if you expose your mouth to hot and cold temperatures. This also goes for piping hot and cold food and drink. Alongside this, consuming high sugar and acidic foods have proven to increase the discomfort. Avoid foods such as ice cream, cold sodas and juices and hot drinks such as tea and coffee. Any meal should be cooked at medium spice.

Avoid Overuse Of Whitening Products

Overusing teeth whitening products can cause sensitivity. Excessive use can increase the sensitivity in your teeth and potentially damage them. It is recommended that in-office bleaching treatment is enough to deliver white teeth. Whitening products such as strips can also increase chances of cavity and gum inflammation. Therefore, after treatment, avoid whitening products at all costs.

Gentle Brushing

After teeth whitening treatment, you need to be gentle when brushing your teeth. Use a soft-bristle brush and gently brush teeth through a circular motion for at least two minutes. After brushing teeth, rinse the mouth out with lukewarm water to take some sting out of any discomfort.

Use Prescribed Sensitive-Pro Toothpaste

Once the dentist is aware of the sensitivity you’re experiencing, they can prescribe sensitive-pro toothpaste to help limit sensitivity whilst you brush your teeth. You can use regular toothpaste after the sensitivity has disappeared. If you’re unsure on the best toothpaste for sensitive teeth, read here to learn more.

Reduce Frequency Of Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening treatment should not be considered a regular form of treatment, for example, every six months. It is recommended that you uphold positive oral hygiene habits that keep teeth white at home. Teeth whitening also isn’t cheap, and you can take responsibility for the shade of your teeth through regular brushing, a balanced diet and keeping teeth clear from food debris and plaque.


Final Points

The first step if you experience any kind of sensitivity after teeth whitening treatment is to consult the dentist. They are best placed to help you to reduce any discomfort you experience. Following these steps above are also a great way to minimize the discomfort. Sensitivity is expected to last 48 to 72 hours after treatment. Therefore, the steps above are temporary. It is then recommended that you maintain positive oral hygiene at home to keep teeth white for the long-term.

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