Potential Teeth Whitening Side Effects

Potential Teeth Whitening Side Effects

Professional teeth whitening treatment is a very rewarding procedure for those who are seeking to lighten the shade to their smile. Rest assured, teeth whitening treatment is also a safe procedure. However, just like any form of cosmetic treatment, side effects potentially occur which you should be aware of. The dentist should discuss these potential side effects with you at your appointment before performing teeth whitening treatment. It is important that you’re fully comfortable with what’s to come. Be rest assured, the side effects aren’t major or require emergency concern. However, it is important to stay prepared if you complete teeth whitening treatment.


The Possible Side Effects

Dentists may be able to judge whether you experience some side effects after the procedure. To prepare you before your appointment, we break down the kind of side effects that can potentially occur post teeth whitening treatment.

  1. Tooth Sensitivity – Sensitivity within the mouth can occur frequently after any kind of treatment. However, after teeth whitening, you may experience sensitivity due to the dentist exposing the dentin layer with a bleaching agent to lighten the shade of teeth. The sensitivity is expected to last just a few days and isn’t aggressively painful, but an irritating feeling that will go away itself.
  2. Gum-Tissue Irritation – Soft-tissue irritation can occur where the whitening solution used to whiten teeth has exposed the gum tissue. The gums will appear white immediately when the bleaching agent becomes in contact with the gum tissue due to the high levels of hydrogen peroxide concentration. This again is expected to last a few days. However, when gums turn white it is natural to become concerned and consults the dentist. However, this is something to expect and will again return to its natural colour in time.

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What You Should Do

Before teeth whitening treatment, it is recommended that you just speak to your dentist so they can assess your teeth and determine whether you’re prone to experiencing some side effects from professional teeth whitening treatment. The dentist will provide tips to remove the sensitivity, but it is more likely to disappear on its own. Continue to brush and floss regularly but brush softly than normal to avoid any further sensitive pain. Ensure to follow a strong oral care routine to keep teeth white at home.

Our Dentist Pennant Hills at Hills Dental Design specialises in delivering happy and healthy smiles. If you’re seeking teeth whitening treatment, contact us now. Alternatively, seek support from our professional dentists if you experience sensitivity after treatment.

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