What Popular Drinks Do To Your Teeth

Our teeth face various threats daily caused by the intake of food and drink that could cause decay and erosion of the teeth.

Every time we eat something, the bacteria in our mouths produce acids to break down the food and aid in the digestive process. 

These acids also dissolve in our teeth and can cause significant tooth decay.

Some studies indicate that infusions between meals can increase the risk of tooth damage. 

Knowing this, can you imagine what the others will do to your teeth?

Effects of beverages on teeth

Soft drinks and carbonated drinks:

Although we know that these drinks are full of sugar and are not the best option for our health, we continue to drink them, but we must make it clear that they are terrible for our teeth because they contain a large amount of acid that erodes quickly.

Ideally, young children should not take them, and in the case of older children and adults, you can consume them as an occasional treat. As with smoothies, we recommend using a straw to reduce the damage to our teeth.

Tea and coffee

  If you like to start your morning ritual with a large cup of coffee, you should know that they can turn an ugly yellowish colour by exposing the dentin under the enamel in the long run. 

This situation gets worse if you add sugar because you increase the chance of getting cavities due to enamel erosion.

Sparkling water

Mineral water does not have the sugar of other drinks, so it is a slightly healthier option in contrast. However, any carbonated beverage causes erosion to our teeth if consumed too frequently. For this reason, our recommendation is to drink mineral water occasionally and with meals to reduce its impact.

Fruit juices

Juices are generally beneficial for your teeth, as long as you consume them pure. With this, you will not only obtain benefits for your health, but you will also avoid the effects of excess sugar that some of the processed versions present.

However, we recommend that you be careful with citrus juices such as orange or lemon juice, as their acids can also wear down the enamel on your teeth.


As in the previous drinks, the sustained consumption of this drink can wear down the enamel of our teeth. Likewise, its sugar content can contribute to periodontal diseases, and in the specific case of wine, it can stain teeth like coffee.

So what should I drink?

As you can see, the type of drinks we consume impacts our oral health, so if we want to keep our teeth white and healthy until our old age, we must be aware and be more careful with what we eat.

We are not saying you can’t occasionally enjoy any of the drinks on the list. Of course, you can, but remember to maintain good oral care by brushing twice a day and flossing daily.

Wondering about other drinks that may benefit or harm your oral health? Ask Pennant hills dentist at your next appointment.

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