Neuromuscular Dentistry

Do You Suffer From Malocclusion Or Suffer From An Abnormal Bite? Hills Dental Design Are Ready To Serve You With Neuromuscular Dentistry Treatment. Contact Your Local Dentist Now!

What Is Malocclusion And How Do You Know You Suffer From It?

An abnormal bite can arise for many different reasons. Also known as Occlusion, the alignment of your teeth could be crowded or misaligned causing unusual bite patterns. As a consequence, your teeth ligaments can become aggravated, causing sharp pain in your teeth that can easily be mistaken for normal toothache. 

Here are the key signs that you suffer from malocclusion:

The bad thing about malocclusion is that you could be damaging your teeth without realising. At Hills Dental Design, we offer a variety of treatments that will help regain a smooth jaw functionality and normal bite. When you think of neuromuscular treatment, think of it as treatment that will help you open and close your mouth. A healthy smile and strong oral health depend on the smooth functioning of your mouth.

The Neuromuscular Treatments At Hills Dental Design

Neuromuscular dentistry is focused on the restoration of jaw alignment and balance if you experience pain or reduced functionality in the mouth. Here are the common neuromuscular treatments at Hills Dental Design.

Poor jaw functioning limits the amount of activity of the jaw. Even when you naturally regularly open and close the mouth, this tends to cause chronic problems such as headaches and neck pain. If you’ve performed dental treatment in the past, this could also cause misalignment because it can cause the teeth and jaw to shift. If the teeth are not aligned together, the muscles and joints in the mouth don’t work together.

Temporomandibular joint syndrome causes frequent jaw and muscle pain. Whilst the exact causes are difficult to determine, there are a number of factors such as genetics and arthritis that are equal causes. Your jaw will overwork itself leading to more overall pain.

What Are The Benefits Of Neuromuscular Dentistry?

Teeth Sample for Patient to Explain

Hills Dental Design are known not only to specialize in looking after your teeth but also your overall oral health which is equally as important to maintain the strength and structure of your teeth. Optimum bite functionality and healthy joint muscles are also important for a beautiful, beaming smile.

Here are some benefits you will enjoy:

Do you suffer from chronic pain when you open and close your mouth, your local dentist now and see how they can help you reduce your pain. Hills Dental Design deliver unparalleled service you can rely on.