Leafy Greens Are Good For Teeth

You will have read a lot of information on the internet which talks about the benefits of eating a balanced diet comprising of calcium and protein-rich foods. One of those foods that are likely to be mentioned is leafy green vegetables. We all understand how good leafy greens are to overall health in general, but why leafy greens are good for teeth and your oral health is a common question.

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By leafy greens, this means all kinds of plant-based green vegetables such as kale, spinach, cabbage, watercress and lettuce. They all contain the vital nutrients to keep your teeth strong. Let’s breakdown some of those nutrients to give you a better understanding of whether leafy greens are good for teeth.

  • Calcium – Plant-based greens contain calcium which is a vital nutrient for stronger enamel.
  • Antioxidants – Your mouth is protected from harmful radicals and speeds up the healing of oral wounds, such as a blood clot from tooth extraction treatment.
  • Magnesium – Magnesium is beneficial for overall health, but plays a vital role in keeping teeth and one strong. Magnesium absorbs calcium for this to happen.
  • Vitamin C – Protects your gums from damage, infection and recession whilst reducing bleeding.
  • Phosphorous – Combines with calcium and vitamin D to keep teeth and gums strong. Calcium needs phosphorous to maximize bone strength.
  • Xylitol – A vital property that neutralizes pH (acid) level inside the mouth and removes bacteria effectively off your teeth.

How Can These Combine For A Stronger Smile?

Residue from food particles naturally remains on teeth after we’ve eaten. The fibrous texture of vegetables can produce high levels of saliva to digest this residue. Saliva is a vital property to keep your mouth clean. It also decreases acidity in the mouth and acts as a rinse to keep your teeth and gums clean. Eating leafy greens will also significantly reduce the chances of fighting cavities. Cavities are more likely if you replace leafy greens and other calcium or plant foods with high volumes of sugar.

Post Treatment Smile Tooth Extraction

Leafy greens are good for teeth, but only if you don’t replace brushing and flossing of your teeth. Eating leafy greens as part of a strong oral routine can combine together to deliver effective results to your smile. Therefore, a balanced diet is just as important as brushing and flossing. Vegetables are a great choice as a side dish or part of the main dish. Either way, ensure you keep consuming those leafy greens!

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