Kids visiting the dentist – Why it is so important?

It is the responsibility of you, the parent, to take your kids to visit the dentist regularly and form good dental habits and ensure no dental issues are triggered too early on. It is recommended that you should take your children to the dentist within the first 2 years of their teeth forming. The first tooth arrives at four to six months, so the earlier your child gets comfortable with visiting the dentist, then the better for the future, especially when they get into the ages of tantrums and causing a fuss.

It’s true, that some parents do undervalue the importance of a healthy mouth and teeth and it has become a significant problem, without really understanding what the consequences are. Getting your child into a dental clinic early will only help them understand what it means to have prominent oral hygiene and healthy teeth.

A few distinct signs of a child’s oral neglect:

Oral Manifestation and History – Improper dietary habits and poor dental hygiene.

Social Determinants – Economic status, substance abuse and socioeconomic status.

Parent Characteristics – missing appointments, poor dental status and poor knowledge of oral health.

These neglectful reasons for children’s oral hygiene result in tooth pain, difficulty in eating, increased risk of bacteria, poor sleep and self-esteem. Below explain these neglectful reasons in more detail, so you, the parent or carer can have a clearer understanding of why you should take your child to the dentist at the earliest opportunity:

Searching for early tooth decay – The dentist will check the full circumference of your mouth including the jaw and bite, to make sure there is nothing that is affecting the growth of your children’s teeth.

Wiggly Teeth – Children’s teeth will begin to come loose at the age of 5 or 6 years old. Dentists would recommend that children slowly wiggle the tooth regularly until it becomes very loose that it eventually falls out. This method will minimise the bleeding and the pain children may experience.

Irritating Gums – Gums may show a form of bleeding or can become swollen when brushing. The irritating gums may result in gingivitis or other health concerns which may affect the growth of your teeth. The importance of an early visit to the dentist is to ensure that gums are healthily maintained.

Adult Teeth not breaking through – Some children grow adult teeth but keep children’s teeth at the same time. All adult teeth are expected to outgrow the children’s teeth and remove. Should this not happen, the growing permanent teeth may become crooked.

Cavity and Bacteria – Cavity develops with sugary foods and children are always looking for sugary foods and treats. If children are not aware of oral hygiene, sugar sits on the teeth, which eventually will form bacteria that eat away at the enamel. The dentist will be able to tell your child early on why it is important to limit the use of sugary foods. This could be too late if your child does not visit the dentist early.

Once cavity and bacteria form, it will gradually affect growth and lead to gum disease

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