Is Gum Recession An Oral Health Risk?

Gum recession is a condition that occurs from periodontal disease. It is a process where your gums pull back from your teeth, forming pockets between the teeth and gums, exposing the tooth root. This allows for harmful bacteria to penetrate inside.

So, how dangerous can gum recession be? Is gum recession an oral health risk? If gum recession is untreated, this can significantly damage the tissue and bone structure of the teeth. Ultimately, we’re looking at tooth loss if it’s not treated. Yes, gum recession is an oral health risk.

signs of gum recession
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Why Is Gum Recession An Oral Health Risk?

Let’s deep a little further into how gum recession can penetrate to cause risks to your oral health.

Gum recession is a symptom of poor oral health. This means that your teeth and gums aren’t healthy enough, and bacteria regularly accumulates in and around the teeth.

Bacteria builds from dental plaque. Dental plaque is a sticky pale substance that coats around your teeth owing to a mouth containing food particles and poor brushing and flossing habits. Once the substance hardens, it becomes difficult to remove with brushing and home and would require in-office dental treatment.

The most serious problem is the exposure of tooth roots. This occurs when the gums retract from your teeth. This can decay much easier than your enamel. and it is likely that you’ll experience a cavity.

As gum disease develops, the roots become exposed and it means that the gums can no longer anchor your teeth. This can develop into long-term problems that may be irreversible. Your bone structure will become significantly weaker and result in losing your teeth, formerly known as Osteoporosis.

signs of gum disease
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Are You Seeking Treatment For Gum Recession?

Gum recession is a serious condition and it must be treated like such. There are procedures available to help treat gum recession, which is something the dentist can discuss with you at your appointment. It is important that if you’re showing signs of gum recession, that you contact the dentist as soon as possible to avoid the symptoms becoming worse.

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