Top 4 Dental Cosmetic Issues That Veneers Can Resolve

There are many cosmetic dentistry treatments available to transform the look and feel of your smile. However, not all cosmetic treatments are fit-for-all. Dental Veneers fits into that category. If you have minor cosmetic concerns or dental defects, would you consider dental veneers to improve your smile?

There are specific reasons why somebody would consider dental veneers to change their smile. It isn’t out of the equation for a healthy patient to have veneer treatment to change their smile either, although teeth whitening treatment is a better choice, However, dental veneers are primarily administered to resolve defects in teeth such as discolouration or cracks. Therefore, if you’re considering dental veneers to transform your smile, it is a great choice.

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Common Cosmetic Concerns

We break down the common dental concerns where somebody would consider dental veneer treatment and how cosmetic treatment can improve your smile.

Discoloured Teeth

Discolouration naturally happens as we age. However, discolouration can also occur with poor oral hygiene. When discolouration occurs, teeth begin to stain. The stains cannot be removed through regular brushing and flossing. A visit to the dentist would be required to go through professional cosmetic dentistry to remove those stains.

How Veneers Help – Veneers are a long-lasting solution to mask any of those dark stains. Veneers are also stain-resistant. Therefore, your veneers will show off a shiny smile in the long term as it is difficult for veneers to stain themselves. Veneers are applied to the front surface of your teeth with porcelain material. You must still adjust your oral hygiene and stay clear from food and drink that stain your teeth.

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Damaged Enamel

Tooth enamel is the strongest substance in the body and protects the tooth from discolouration. However, if a tooth is damaged such as from chips and cracks, the enamel will become affected and the damage may be permanent if not treated. Enamel cannot heal itself. Therefore, once damaged it’s damaged for good. The veneer also needs enough enamel so it can bond to it.

How Veneers Help – Veneers offer a protective structure to protect the enamel. However, it is recommended that if the enamel is damaged that you visit the dentist immediately. The dentist may remove a small amount of the enamel, known as contouring. At this point, the enamel would need to remineralized through recommended toothpaste to drive calcium back to the tooth to harden the enamel.

Gaps In Teeth

Gaps in teeth are a high source of low confidence. Sometimes, teeth are not in the exact position we would like, and gaps in teeth are more common than you think. Gaps aren’t something that can be controlled as it grows during adolescence.

How Veneers Help – The porcelain material can be placed over the gap to close it. Veneers are ideal for small gaps and when you smile, the gap cannot be noticed. Whilst the gap isn’t permanently removed, veneers will hide the gap for the long term.

Uneven Shade

Sometimes, there can be instances where the shade for a tooth doesn’t meet the colour of your other teeth making your smile uneven. This is common is deep discolouration has occurred or there is damage to the dentin.

How Veneers Help – Veneers will cover the discoloured tooth and be shaded to ensure the veneer matches the shade of your natural teeth and smile.

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If you’re experiencing dental concerns or you’re just not happy with the look and feel of your smile, Hills Dental Design is ready to transform your smile. Contact us now and book your appointment.

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