How Much Do Veneers Cost?

Health insurance plans often cover regular dental treatments. However, for cosmetic restorations such as veneers, patients usually have to shoulder the costs themselves. To get a better idea about the price of veneers, let’s take a closer look at this dental restoration.

What are Veneers?

Dental veneers are very thin prosthetics made of porcelain or composite material. These can be used to cover up imperfections on the surface of the teeth, such as cracks, chipping, discolouration, gaps between teeth, and unusual shape. Veneers are created in a dental laboratory where they are custom-made to perfectly match the size, shape, and colour of the patient’s existing teeth.

There are two types of veneers widely used in dentistry. The first one is the porcelain veneer which is the permanent and more expensive solution of the two. The second one is the composite veneer which is cheaper but less durable and may require replacement after a few years.

What is the Price of Veneers?

Several factors affect the price of veneers. Every veneer is custom-made for each patient. The size, shape, colour, and number of veneers can all affect the cost of treatment. Your dentist will lay out the details during the consultation and dental examination before getting veneers.

Benefits of Veneers

Getting veneers is worth every penny because it offers the following benefits:

  1. Safe and minimally invasive. Veneers don’t require extensive preparation. The dentist will only trim a small layer of your tooth enamel. The procedure is simple and has very few risks or side effects.
  2. Long-lasting. When properly cared for, veneers can last for decades or throughout the patient’s lifetime.
  3. Natural-looking. No one can tell between real teeth and veneers because of how natural they look.
  4. Low maintenance. Veneers can last a lifetime with proper dental care and hygiene. You don’t need extra care or tools to keep them intact.
  5. Adds protection to the tooth. Veneers can strengthen damaged teeth. After bonding to the tooth, they act like a shield that protects the original tooth structure.

Are There Alternatives to Veneers?

If you are hesitant about getting veneers, there are several alternatives that you may consider. Each of them has its unique applications:

  1. Dental crowns and bridges. Crowns are best applied to heavily damaged teeth that need extensive restoration. Bridges are used to replace missing teeth with healthy teeth.
  2. Dental implants. These prosthetics are shaped like a screw and embedded into the jaw bone to replace tooth roots. They are topped off by crowns or dentures.
  3. Dental bonding. For large cracks or broken teeth, dental bonding is a better option because it can cover a larger surface.
  4. Teeth whitening. If tooth discolouration is your concern, you may opt to get teeth whitening instead of veneers.

Where to Get Veneers in Pennant Hills

If you live in Pennant Hills or the surrounding area, you can count on Hills Dental Design for cosmetic dentistry. Our dental team will assist you in deciding whether veneers are the best choice for your current dental needs. You may visit our clinic or call us during office hours. Our lines are always open for your inquiries.

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