Root Canal Treatment

Has Your Tooth Become Damaged Beyond Repair? You Could Be Danger Of Severe Infection. Check Yourself In For Life-Saving Root Canal Treatment.

Your Trusted Endodontist

A decayed or severely damaged tooth opens significant infection dangers to the
overall health of your teeth. Therefore, it is essential that you seek professional help
immediately to ensure the infection is removed. If you’re reading this and suffer from a damaged tooth, you could be in line for root canal treatment.

Why Should You Get Root Canal Treatment?

The misconceptions spread about root canal treatment have made patients feel uneasy and fearful about the procedure. You may have heard that root canal treatment is painful, there are no long-term benefits, it causes illness or maybe its beneficial to not save your natural tooth and perform tooth extraction treatment. This is far from the truth, and at Hills Dental Design, you’ll find that root canal treatment is a safe, comfortable and very rewarding procedure. Your natural tooth is saved which in turn preserves bone stimulation, strong jaw structure and strong teeth. Known as endodontic therapy, root canal is an advisable choice of treatment, particularly to limit extreme cavity.

Here are some other benefits you enjoy from root canal treatment:

How Does Root Canal Treatment Work?

The purpose of root canal treatment is to keep as much of your decayed tooth as possible. Without immediate treatment, the pulp within the tooth continues to spread to your neighboured teeth, infecting them as well. This heightens the danger of multiple teeth becoming infected and consequently falling out. Whilst this may sound daunting, our experienced endodontists will ensure your experience of root canal treatment is as comfortable and as painless as possible. Root canal treatment is typically completed within two appointments. Upon your first visit, the endodontist must understand the severity of the damage. Here’s what to expect in a root canal procedure:

Tooth Sample for Patient

I’ve Completed Root Canal Treatment – What Do I Do Next?

Once root canal treatment is complete, the chances of an infection returning are slim. The treatment maintains the strength of your surrounding teeth. The tooth needs time to settle in the mouth and therefore it is important that initial stress on the tooth is reduced. Here are some tips for root canal aftercare:

A properly treated root canal that’s well looked after can last as long your naturalteeth. If your tooth is damaged and you’re not quite sure on what to do next, rootcanal treatment is waiting for you. Hills Dental Design are ready to deliver unparalleled service you can rely on. Contact your local endodontist now!