Eat These Foods For Stronger Teeth

You are what you eat, is a common saying that you will have heard a number of times. Although, the saying cannot be more true than it is today. It is particularly true when it comes to keeping your teeth and gums strong.

This means that the foods you eat play a vital role in maintaining strong oral health. Everybody likes a sweet treat or two sometimes, but overloading on these treats can really damage your smile.

As part of a strong oral routine, your diet is just as important as is brushing your teeth twice a day. You cannot possibly keep your teeth healthy, strong and white if you’re brushing regularly, but you have a diet containing high levels of sugar.

Drop the fad diet comprising of sugars and harmful acids, and swap them for the following foods for stronger teeth and to keep your smile beaming.

leafy greens for a balanced diet

Dairy Products

Did you know that cheese is a healthy option for your oral health? Cheese is low in sugar but high in calcium, a vital property that your enamel needs to protect your smile. Cheese is also high in calcium and calcium is important in maintaining strong bone density. Saliva levels are also balanced in the mouth due to the phosphate content it includes. When it comes to drinking, milk and fluoridated water are both acceptable options to drink regularly as your teeth and bones are only getting fed to stay strong. You may also consume low-fat yoghurts which protect you from cavities and gum disease due to their calcium content.

Fruit and Vegetables

Not only are fruit and vegetables beneficial to overall health, but they also contain the right vitamins and minerals for your teeth and gums. Crunchy fresh and leafy greens such as celery, broccoli and kale, cabbage and lettuce, and fruits such as strawberries and apples are a great choice to maintain strong oral health because you’re feeding your enamel with the properties it needs to keep your smile strong. Read here to learn more about how leafy greens are good for teeth.

Meat And Fatty Fish

Most meats such as red meat offer important nutrients such as calcium, but it also promotes better saliva in the mouth, decreasing acidity in the mouth and washing away food particles from the mouth. Fatty fish such as salmon are loaded with phosphorus, which is another important property that protects your enamel.

Dry Nuts

Nuts are an excellent choice of snack. Not only are they healthy for overall health, but they also keep your teeth and gums strong. Nuts such as almonds, brazil nuts and cash nuts are great choices of nuts because they contain calcium and phosphorous to help fight bacteria and avoid tooth decay. Peanuts also contain calcium and vitamin D. You may also consider cash nuts, which stimulate saliva and provide fibre.

Sugarless Chewing Gum

Sugarless chewing gum contains zero sugar preservatives. Not only does it help curb bad breath, but it also promotes strong saliva levels, an important property that keeps teeth strong and reduces the chances of tooth decay.

a woman drinking fruit juice

Diet is an essential part of your oral routine. For example, if your diet contains high levels of sugar, this will increase the chances of harmful bacteria build-up. Bacteria and sugar can combine together to form an acid attack on teeth, causing tooth decay. Avoid this by incorporating the above foods for stronger teeth into your balanced daily diet.

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