Do You Really Need A Tooth Extraction Treatment?

Tooth extraction treatment is typically a last resort selection of treatment for your tooth. It is actioned particularly if your tooth is severely decayed and beyond repair. The dentist always looks for resolutions to save your tooth if possible. Where a tooth cannot be used anymore, it will be professionally extracted safely and securely. When you experience oral pain, it is a nerve-racking experience particularly because you’re unsure of the root cause. In this instance, you will require emergency assistance.

Do You Need A Tooth Taken Out?

How Tooth Extraction Treatment Works

Tooth extraction treatment is a procedure where your decayed tooth is safely and securely removed from its socket in an attempt to preserve the health of your teeth. The surgeon uses safe dental equipment, typically forceps and grasps both sides of your tooth before rocking it softly from side to side until the tooth removes itself. A local anesthetic is administered before your tooth is taken out to limit any pain you experience during treatment.

The Signs To Look Out For

If you’re experiencing oral pain and aren’t quite sure on the cause of it, maybe these signs will help you determine what it could be:

  • You’re Suffering From Severe Tooth Decay Or A Severely Damaged Tooth – Severe decay or damage to your teeth can cause significant problems to your oral health if not treated immediately. You can catch a serious infection which could lead to periodontal disease. This can also occur if you’ve suffered a traumatic incident or a physical accident. Teeth can become unrepairable and extraction may be the only choice. The dentist will examine the health of the affected tooth before deciding.
  • Your Teeth Are Crowded Or Misaligned – The affected tooth can become crowded amongst other teeth which can cause concern to how your teeth look when you smile. This also heightens the chance of wear-and-tear. Particularly when you eat and bite, a tooth may need to be taken out. The orthodontist will be on hand straighten teeth through modern equipment or with the consideration of braces.
  • Your Tooth Is Infected – Severely decayed teeth lead to infection and if not treated quickly, could lead to periodontal disease. The pulp of the tooth becomes the infected area and you must be careful it doesn’t lead to multiple extractions if not treated early. If some of the teeth can be saved, you could be referred for root canal treatment. This would be the first thing the dentist will look for.

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Other notable forms of concern include stiffness in the jaw and pain through chewing. Booking an emergency appointment at the dental clinic at the earliest available opportunity is recommended.

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