Diet for Healthy Teeth and Gums

Proper oral hygiene routine (including fluoride toothpaste, flossing, and mouthwash) and regular checkups with your dentist are integral parts of a healthy smile. But there´s more to it.

Did you know food also plays a role in your oral health? Keeping a diet for healthy teeth and gums helps preserve your natural smile.

Looking out for your teeth even while you eat is not difficult! It´s all about eating in healthy patterns and making the right food choices.

Work towards healthy teeth and gums by eating varied, nutrient-rich elements from every food group.

Here´s a brief guide to help you identify what foods (and eating habits) are healthier for your teeth and gums.

Eating and Oral Health: A Helpful Guide

Cutting down on sugar and snacks is the simplest change you can make in your diet towards improving your oral health.

Ensure your diet´s packed with lean proteins, vegetables, dairy products, fruits, and lots of water. It´s a surefire way to help guard your teeth and gums against many oral health issues.

Let´s take a more comprehensive look at what foods should be included in a diet for healthy teeth and gums.

Dairy products

Consuming milk, cheese, yogurt, and other dairy products favours saliva production. Saliva helps get rid of bacteria, which, in turn, helps protect your teeth and gums.

Moreso, dairy products are a common source of calcium and protein. Also, yogurt´s rich in probiotics, a type of bacteria that´s highly beneficial for your digestive system.

Green vegetables

Due to their multiple benefits, green vegetables should be the star of every health-oriented diet. Although low on calories, green vegetables provide many essential vitamins and minerals.

Green vegetables also encourage your mouth´s saliva production, which helps get rid of food debris and protect tooth enamel.

Whether in salads or smoothies, you can eat all the green vegetables you wish. Just avoid adding too much dressing.

Crunchy fruits and vegetables

Instead of eating candy bars or sugary treats, you could try a healthier alternative for dessert.

Eating an apple will hydrate and provide you with much-needed fibre. While other crunchy treats (like carrot/celery sticks) also help scrape off food debris.

Carrots and celery are high in vitamin A and vitamin C. Also, by increasing saliva production, crunchy fruits/vegetables help keep your mouth´s bacteria in check.

Lean proteins, teas, and nuts

Lean meats such as poultry or fish are a rich source of proteins and phosphorous. Both are necessary elements that help strengthen your teeth and gum tissue.

Green and Black teas are rich in elements that help control plaque buildup. Just try to avoid sweeteners or sugar (instead, you can use a touch of honey).

In case you´re allergic to dairy products, calcium-fortified nut milk (usually from almond, cashew, or soy) is another healthy source of protein.

Nuts, almonds, and seeds are a healthier, crunchy alternative to sugary, industrially-processed snacks.


Finally, there´s the subject of hydration. Drinking enough water helps you avoid dry mouth, thus preventing the buildup of bacteria responsible for gum disease, bad breath, or tooth decay/cavities.

We recommend cutting down (or not consuming) sugary drinks like soda, juice, or wine. Tooth decay-causing bacteria feed on the sugar present in said beverages.

Also, sugar-heavy drinks leave behind acids that damage your teeth and gums.

And, there you have it, folks! Our guide to a diet for healthy teeth and gums.

Focus on balanced eating, healthy habits, and proper hygiene. You´ll soon see how it works wonders for your oral (and overall) health.

Wondering how else you can work towards healthier teeth and gums? Ask Pennant Hills dentist at your next appointment. Our professional team will give you the best advice for your oral health.

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