Are Dental Implants Right for You?

A dental implant is a metallic structure located in the maxillary bones of our mouth.

Once there, our dentist can place a fixed crown or bridge on them that will serve as a replacement for the teeth that the patient has previously lost.

These structures then fuse with the jaw bone, which provides stable support for the artificial teeth. 

Many people avoid ordinary bridges or dentures because they cause some irritation or nausea. On the contrary, implants feel much more natural than conventional ones and do not require grinding down the adjacent teeth to support the replacement teeth.

While they have several advantages, they are also more expensive than other tooth-replacement methods.

Considering all the information, we want to show you why these pieces are a good option. With the advancement in technology people are experiencing new technical in dentistry such as DIONavi: Modern Digital Implant Technology making the dental implant procedure much quicker.

Reasons to use dental implants:

1. Durability: These pieces last a long time and are comfortable. Once installed, you will regain the ability to chew, speak and smile without the fear of losing the prosthesis you have in your mouth or of seeing the metals that hold them.

2. Definitive investment: Although they are more expensive than other options, the truth is that this method can be considered a long-term investment. If you perform the procedure with a trained dentist, the implant can last 20 years in perfect condition.

3. It is a comfortable and painless treatment: The surgical treatment used to place these pieces is not very painful. This procedure requires local anesthesia, which will prevent you from feeling any pain.

After the process, you will have to wait for the gum to integrate with the implant, so you will have to wear a removable prosthesis for a couple of days.

When everything is ready, the dentist will place a final implant, and you will not feel any discomfort.

4. Compatibility: Another of the advantages of implants is that there is no greater risk of rejection by our body towards the pieces. Patients also do not suffer from allergies when implanting them.

Today titanium implants are the most common ones. Titanium is a durable material that is very compatible with human tissue.

5. They are the most similar to natural teeth: Once you have an implant, it will fuse solidly with the bone over several weeks. Once this part is ready, it will feel so natural and therefore becomes indistinguishable to the naked eye. of natural teeth.

6. Easy to care for: They do not require different care than what you give your natural teeth. As with your teeth, you should brush them daily and floss them, but you should not apply special creams, soaks, fillings, or root canals.

Although they cannot suffer from cavities directly, they can be affected by gum disease, but with daily care and regular visits to the dentist, you can avoid this type of complication.

If you are in a situation where an implant is an option, discuss all your doubts with your dentist. He/She will know how to advise you on the best option for you.

In conclusion, determining whether dental implants are the right choice for you requires careful consideration and consultation with a qualified dentist. If you are seeking dental implants and reside in the Pennant Hills area, it’s crucial to connect with a reputable dentist in Pennant Hills who specializes in the dental implant procedure.

A dental professional with expertise in implantology can assess your oral health, bone structure, and overall suitability for the procedure. They will guide you through the process, discussing the benefits, potential risks, and alternatives, helping you make an informed decision tailored to your individual needs and circumstances. Remember, dental implants can offer a long-lasting solution for restoring your smile and oral function, but the right course of action should always be determined in partnership with a trusted dental expert.

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