Dental Hygienist

What’s the Deal With Cavities?

It’s the dreaded Cavities word associated with going to the dentist. Cavities, those unwanted holes in your mouth, represent the destruction of enamel. While prevention through regular brushing, flossing and professional dental cleanings is critical, cavities can still sneak their way into the mouth. If you suspect a cavity, it’s important to visit our practice …

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Spit, Don’t Rinse!

While you’ll likely hear your dental hygienist tell you to spit after a cleaning, you won’t be asked to rinse. Why? Rinsing will remove some of the fluoride from your teeth that works to strengthen your enamel. By leaving more of the fluoride on your teeth longer, your teeth will benefit. If you do choose …

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Five Fun Facts About Saliva

Also known by the not-so-nice names of drool, spit and dribble, saliva serves an important purpose when it comes to keeping your body healthy. Saliva is the antidote to a dry mouth as it adds vital moisture. Here are some fun facts you may not know about this substance that’s almost entirely comprised of water. …

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