Overcoming Dental Anxiety

Overcoming Dental Anxiety

As your dentist, we strive to make you as comfortable as possible during your dental treatments. However, we know that for some, visiting our practice isn’t their favorite thing in the world. Don’t worry—we don’t take it personally! We understand that dental anxiety is a real thing, and we’d like to offer our patients a few dental tips to help your next visit with us go as smoothly as possible.

Relaxation Techniques

If you find yourself frequently nerved-up before a visit, try these simple and easy relaxation techniques.

  1. Ask us questions.This will allow us to address all of your concerns before beginning care. This way, you’ll feel more at ease and know exactly what to expect. If it helps, we can also talk you through the process and what’s going on at each moment of treatment.
  2. Listen to music.Feel free to bring headphones to plug into your phone so that you can listen to your favorite bands during your visit. This often helps patients relax and can distract from the sound of dental tools in your mouth. For a more meditative experience, download a soothing podcast instead.
  3. Bring something to hold.For children, this can be a teddy bear to cuddle during dental treatment. For adults, a stress ball can help you cope during dental care.

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