Can You Whiten Your Dental Implants?

If you’re a dental implant patient, as part of your treatment the dentist should have moulded a crown that matches the shade of your natural teeth. Implant crowns are designed to be stain-resistant. Although, if you’ve noticed that your implants have degraded in colour, you’re more likely to consider whitening treatment.

Before you wonder whether the shade of your implants becoming darker is abnormal, it is actually completely natural. Your implants work and function like your natural teeth and when you eat and drink certain dark solids and liquids, you should expect your implants to also darken in shade or change to a yellow colour.

If an implant has become darker in shade, can you whiten them through whitening treatments?

Unfortunately, the only option for a whiter implant is to replace the crown with a new one. When you attempt to use whitening toothpaste or apply bleaching agent, the acrylic material would scratch the implant material, meaning you’re more likely to experience discolouration.

The advantage with crowns is the porcelain material is stain-resistant and it is unlikely you’d need to whiten them in the short-term.

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Can Implants Become Stained?

A frequent question asked by patients is whether implants can suffer from discolouration. Although the porcelain material is stain-resistant, it doesn’t mean it cannot become discoloured in the future. Naturally, this may not be the case. Although, the food and drink you eat will dictate whether this happens. If you eat dark solids such as fruits, red meat, candy and sauces, and drinks such as tea, wine and coffee, you’re more like to discolour your implants. If you smoke, you’re also likely to discolour your implants.

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How Do I Reduce The Chances Of Discolouration?

Dental implants function like natural teeth. This means that you need to treat it with the same level of care. This means adopting a positive oral routine to minimize any chances of discolouration.

Follow these tips to reduce the chances of discolouration on your implant.

  • Avoid Smoking And Chewing Tobacco – If you are a regular smoker, and you smoke with an implant fitted then your crown will become discoloured. Tobacco contains tar and nicotine, and it is likely you’ll need to replace your implant frequently.
  • Avoid Dark Food And Drink – Certain food and drink contain natural substances that darken teeth. These are foods you should consume in moderation or avoid altogether.
  • Keep Your Mouth Clean – Make sure your mouth is clear from any food debris. This is to avoid plaque build-up that can cause bacteria. When bacteria forms, it increases the chances of a cavity forming. Your teeth could also become decayed.
  • Brush and Floss Daily – Ensure you brush your teeth once in the morning and once at night before you go to sleep.
  • Regular Dental Check-Ups – Visit the dentist every six months for a check-up. They are best placed to recommend valuable advice for your implants. They can also determine whether the crown should be replaced.

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