5 Ways to Prevent Cavities

At some point in your life, you’ve probably heard these four little words from your dentist—”You’ve got a cavity.” While some people simply accept cavities as a normal part of life, we’d like to let you in on a little secret—there’s something you can do to prevent them. In fact, there are a few things you can do!

Consider these helpful oral health tips for minimising the number of cavities you experience in the future.

1. Drink more water

Consuming high-in-sugar or acidic drinks isn’t the best for your teeth—in fact, they can cause enamel erosion, leading to cavities. If you find yourself frequently enjoying a cup of morning coffee or tea, remember to drink a glass of water after to rinse away acid lingering in your mouth.

2. Stop smoking

Most people understand the overall health risks relating to smoking cigarettes like cancer and lung problems. But smoking also damages your teeth—leading to gum disease and even tooth loss.

3. Use an anti-bacterial mouth rinse.

Anti-bacterial mouth rinses help to reduce the amount of bacteria in your mouth that may be left behind from beverages and foods consumed throughout the day.

4. Brush regularly and with the correct brush.

This means making brushing “two times a day for two minutes” a staple in your life. Some people also don’t use the correct toothbrush—we recommend a soft-bristled manual toothbrush or an electric toothbrush.

5. Schedule regular cleanings with our practice.

A routine visit will allow us to deep clean your teeth and gums every six months to help remove built-up plaque and prevent gingivitis. You can avoid emergency dental appointments with great care.

Think you may be dealing with a cavity that needs filling? Contact Pennant hills dentist practice today to schedule your next visit.

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