5 Things to Consider About Adult Braces

Although misaligned teeth are a problem that affects children, teens, and adults, all the same, the use of braces is often considered more of an adolescent thing.

That´s why, at first, it might seem awkward to consider using braces as an adult. Nonetheless, thanks to modern orthodontic technologies, this stigma has been left in the past.

Nowadays, orthodontic treatment options (like lingual braces or clear aligners) are discreet and comfortable, providing adult patients with quick, satisfactory results.

So much so that currently, one in every four patients in orthodontic treatment is an adult. Also, using braces has many other benefits aside from aesthetics.

Adult braces are recommended to treat various dental conditions. For example, interdental gaps or an uneven bite (which might affect gum health or cause jaw problems, respectively).

In this article, we talk about the top 5 things to consider about adult braces. So you´re well prepared if you´re considering orthodontic braces to straighten your teeth.

Adult Braces: Options, Pros, and Cons

Orthodontic treatment technology has advanced significantly over the years. Long gone are the days of bulky, poorly aesthetical metal braces. Instead, there´re many types of braces to choose from.

Whether it´s traditional metallic braces, ceramic braces, lingual braces, or clear plastic aligners, you can now pick the one that´s better suited for your condition (and budget).

Also, there´re some Pros and Cons regarding the use of braces as an adult, such as:

Improved health and aesthetics

One truth about undergoing orthodontic treatment (regardless of your age) is that, in the long run, your teeth are going to look and feel a lot better.

Whether you´re suffering from alignment issues or if your teeth bother you from an aesthetic viewpoint. Using braces might be an evident improvement.

Adult braces treatment takes longer.

On the downside, using braces as an adult implies that your treatment will take longer (about 2+ years) than it´d take if the patient were a child.

This is because adult bones have already stopped growing. Thus, their bones are not so flexible and can no longer be efficiently moulded or moved.

It helps you prevent other dental issues.

Misaligned teeth can be the origin of many complications. As time passes, it might contribute to the buildup of bacteria and plaque, cause facial pain, or produce some other swallowing/chewing issues. 

The use of braces to realign your teeth can help you prevent these and other serious dental issues.

It might reveal some other dental issues

Braces can prevent you from developing future problems, and they can also help your dentist discover some other preexisting dental issues.

There´re cases where an orthodontist has to perform surgery to fix misaligned/rigid jawbone issues. Also, getting braces could increase previously undiagnosed bone loss problems.

Adult patients are better orthodontic patients

When talking about orthodontic procedures, there´s no doubt adult patients are easier to work with. Adults are more patient and don´t despair over the chair time their treatment requires.

Additionally, adult patients know the importance of oral hygiene. Thus, they´re more likely to clean and maintain their braces properly.

You might want to straighten your misaligned teeth for cosmetic or health reasons. Whatever the case, know that it can be safely done at any age.

So, why don´t you give it a shot? Consult your dentist, and see firsthand if adult braces are a feasible option to achieve the smile you´ve always wanted.

If you have any further questions feel free to reach out to our dentists in Pennant Hills.

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