5 Causes of White Spot on Teeth

You might´ve noticed an uneven shade or bright, white spots on your teeth.  First, you should know they are, in most cases, a cosmetic issue, generally requiring cosmetic dental treatments.

Still, these white spots look off-putting. So, dentists are often asked: “What causes white spots on teeth?”.

White spots on teeth might appear due to multiple reasons. If you´re worried about white spots and their causes, you should get your facts straight.

To help you learn more about this subject, we´ll talk about five causes of white spots on teeth. Let´s begin!

What Causes White Spot on Teeth? A Brief Guide

White spots might be caused by the demineralisation of the tooth enamel layer due to improper brushing techniques. Or as a side effect of removing orthodontic braces.

Nevertheless, there might be other common (but less familiar) causes of white spots on teeth. Among these, we can mention:

Poor oral hygiene

When you wear braces or any other dental device, a careful oral hygiene routine is critical. Improper brushing/flossing techniques help create the perfect environment for cavity-causing bacteria to grow.

We can´t stress this enough. Thoroughly brushing your teeth, flossing, and rinsing with mouthwash helps keep your mouth´s bacteria in check.

If left unchecked, said bacteria will strip your teeth of essential minerals. Thus causing white spots to progress into full cavities.

Low-calcium diet

A calcium-lacking diet will deprive your teeth of a primordial element of healthy tooth enamel. This causes your teeth to start developing white, demineralised spots.

One such example is celiac disease patients. Their condition doesn´t allow their bodies to absorb all food nutrients, which leads to white teeth spots caused by demineralisation.

Prevent this by including more calcium in your diet. Other than dairy products, other high-calcium foods include almonds, nuts, and leafy, green vegetables.

Dental fluorosis

While it´s usually thought of as being a beneficial element, over-exposure to fluoride might lead to a condition called dental fluorosis.

Fluorosis produces changes in your tooth enamel, which are visible by the eventual appearance of white spots. If left untreated, said changes will permanently damage your teeth.

Children are most susceptible to developing dental fluorosis. Their teeth are still developing/erupting, so making sure their toothpaste doesn´t contain excess fluoride it´s critical.

Medication side effects

Some patients need their medication to stay healthy. However, some medicines are known to damage tooth enamel, which leads to the appearance of white spots on teeth.

This is why some antibiotics are not recommended for children.

Also, prescriptions should never be shared. Only take medications strictly as your doctor prescribed them. If you notice white spots on your teeth after taking medication, consult your dentist.

Enamel hypoplasia

Prenatal smoking might cause children´s teeth to develop enamel hypoplasia, a condition resembling fluorosis spots.

But, whereas fluorosis causes white spots on teeth, enamel hypoplasia spots appear more linear. These can also be yellowish, white, or brown.

Of course, there´re more causes of white spots on teeth. This is a mere approximation to help you learn more about this recurrent dental issue.

Still, independently of what´s causing white spots on your teeth. To prevent additional issues, the sooner you start treating them, the better.

If you begin to notice white spots on your teeth, immediately consulting a dentist is essential, so feel free to contact us.

Our Pennant Hills Dentist team will help you identify what´s causing them and your best treatment options.

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