4 Ways to Give Your Old Toothbrush New Life

You have several months with that toothbrush you bought. 

It has the characteristics you like the most: it cleans your teeth very well, helps you remove residue in hard-to-reach areas, and even its colour is fantastic, but you can no longer use it!

Dentists recommend that we change our toothbrush every three months since its effectiveness in removing bacterial plaque from the teeth and gums decreases compared to a new brush.

But fear no more! 

You don’t have to throw that brush right away! 

Today we will tell you some ideas you can use to give it a new breath and use it for a while longer in your daily activities.

Let’s start with this!

Tips to give your toothbrush new life 

Use your old toothbrush for household cleaning

That’s right! Your toothbrush can be a great ally in keeping your home in the best condition. 

With the bristles of this tool, you can get a precise, non-aggressive, and very effective cleaning. 

In addition, its design allows it to get intricate places, so in corners and small areas, it will help you enormously.

Think how ideal a toothbrush can be for cleaning your computer or electro domestic! 

Not to mention how useful this brush is to remove the dirt accumulated between the ceramic tiles on the floors or walls!

It also works very well to clean your jewellery, cutlery, or metal dishes. 

Use the used brush as an assistant in cleaning dirty clothes

It has happened to all of us, you wear your favourite garment for the first time, and you get stains. 

Don’t worry! Your used toothbrush can also help you!

Spray the appropriate detergent or cleaner and gently rub the product in circular movements on the garment.

Please don’t forget to check that the brush is clean before using it on your clothes! 

Otherwise, you can make the situation worse!

Use your toothbrush for personal hygiene

If you are one of those people who does not imagine a toothbrush outside a bathroom, you do not have to leave it there to use it!

The toothbrush is perfect for cleaning your nails. Before doing your manicure, you can clean the nails of paint residue or remove any particles they may have. The product will adhere better, and you will have perfect fingernails for more days.

You can also use the brush to smooth any rough areas on your body: feet, heels, elbows. Just apply some lemon to it and gently rub it. You will exfoliate the area and could reduce the dark colour that can appear in some parts!

Scrub fruits and vegetables with your brush

If you have bought fruit or vegetable with hard skin (apples, pears, plums, carrots, potatoes, etc.), you can use an old brush to clean them since you can use it in the cracks and will help you eliminate germs and bacteria and prevent illness.

Well, there you have it!

With these four uses for an old toothbrush, you can give this tool a new life and help the environment, prolonging its use for a longer time.

Remember, avoid reusing a toothbrush that you used while sick. 

Although you can boil it, it may be best to avoid spreading any disease.

See you in the next article!

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